Has anyone sat for a year?

I am just curious as we are in Denmark for a year while our children are back in school (we’re Danish), but planning on settle down in another country.
A one year housesit would be awesome in our situation.

I have for 18 months but it was before I joined THS or any other platform and in reality it felt more like a caretaker role (there were no animals). Personally I wouldn’t recommend. You have no rights and the lines get blurry. Nearly turned me off HS permanently and was pretty unpleasant at times.

Hi @TravelingOutsideTheBox
I don’t think I’ve seen a sit for a year. Don’t get me wrong 2, 3, 4 or even 6 month sits I have seen advertised on THS.
I guess for many people a years sit may require a lot of paperwork filing before arriving in the country so maybe costly.

We nearly did a 6 month sit and then changed our minds before confirmation as it was very remote and had no WiFi. Just about to complete a 3 month sit in a different but equally challenging environment and that’s long enough. Lines do get blurred, you do become a caretaker, also visas get trickier after 3 months in a lot of places. If you want to do a whole year in one place probably more likely to find something on a caretaker/house keeper website. One really good thing about long sits is how much money you save and how easy it is to work if you’re a digital nomad like us. Just thought I should add that :rofl::raised_hands:t3:

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A big consideration is would you like it when you arrived?
Things can change just beforehand or during the sit which you may be ok with for a few weeks but become problematical for a longer time.
The longest that we have done was 5 weeks in Australia. All ideal until we realised that next door’s dogs slept outside during the night so barked all night. I cannot imagine how I would feel for 2 months never mind a year.
Think carefully!


I belong to a home exchange site and one year exchanges are common. Often it is families who plan them around the school year so from July or August through to the next year.

Not sure how they handle the visa aspect but they are usually looking for certain countries so guessing they have figured out that aspect.

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