Have I unrealistic expectations


Reasonably new to THS , but have now had 3 sitters , 2 great, 1 I wouldnt have again, but I might be being unrealistic in expectations.

Sitter did 2 sits , one for 2 weeks and then 5 days later another for a week.

Asked to stay with me in the intervening 5 days to save on b and bs. I agreed as they talked about exploring and seeing the city so as they knew of the 5 days 3 If I would be wfh I didnt see a problem

Reality was once here the day before they dragged bedding into lounge , flat is warm!, and made a bed on sofa and watched loud reality tv in lounge.

This carried on when I was back in the interval. I ended up putting all their crockery into the dishwasher every day as they just left it in kitchen, put fresh sheets on bed for them when I got back after 2 weeks , spare set I had left for them in case they wanted a change , I found on the floor! . Then changed sheets again when I left for final week as knew they wouldnt bother!

For 7 days , 5 plus a day either end of sits I felt like a hotel maid !

Had to give flat a good clean , and fix a couple of broken items once they had gone , could have been random or rough handling hard to know so I didnt say anything


Well that was really kind of you to allow the sitter to stay for those 5 days while you were there. So sorry to hear your kindness was returned in such an appalling way. Write up review honestly so no one else has your experience


I would have had very strong words. I dont know how you stopped yourself!


Sometimes one reads this kind of stories about couchsurfing etc. And then the advice is that the host really needs to be a bit more assertive. Often to the point of asking the surfer to leave.

I understand that that is difficult when you still need them for a second period, but still. I think that I would have thrown them out.


Your expectations are NOT too high. Can I just say a very big thank you for being so nice, I know there are loads of sitters on here that would be so appreciative of your level of kindness. :two_hearts:

You were very kind to offer the place for the gap period. But maybe with hindsight you should have set the rules firm at the point they asked to stay, ie “yes you are welcome to stay, but could you ensure the house is clean each day while we are both here and bla bla bla”.

But thank you for being amazing :heart_eyes:


Thanks , quite new so wasnt sure if this was in any way normal !

First 2 sitters were great however

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I have a small apartment and with two people working from home, I would never have sitters staying in the interum. It sounds like they may have been decent sitters but bad guests! If your expectations are that sitters are perfect people and so grateful for the sit that they will be on their best behavior at all times, then yes your expectations are too high.

I think the trick is both open honest communication, being clear about what you want and need, and also setting boundaries – on both sides of the equation.

It’s okay to say to a sitter – “Sorry, but I wfh and it isn’t that practical to have anyone staying while we’re here. I completely get it if you can only do one of sits.”

I also sit but not full time, and I can’t imagine even wanting to be someone’s houseguest for five days. It sounds awkward all around!


Your expectations are not unrealistic. This sitter was rude and immature.

I believe that most sitters (most humans!) would have been infinitely more respectful and clean! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh my goodness….how rude of a houseguest to act so inconsiderately. You were more than kind, and this individual took advantage of your hospitality. Sitters are responsible for their own accommodations between sits, and if this wasn’t within their budget, taking both sits wasn’t appropriate in this situation. Please understand that this is not the norm, and you are well within your rights to consider this person as unsuitable for a return sit.


This is very odd behaviour. Something I would associate with a teenager or someone who was raised with a live-in maid. This is not what you should be accepting and I hope your review reflects that


As a sitter myself I’m sorry you had to deal with such ungrateful and inconsiderate sitters!

No way it’s “normal”. It’s someone taking advantage of your kindness.