Have you been asked to sit, when you didn't apply?

First, I was declined on a sit, bu they had multiple dates and asked me to sit on their other date. It was 2500 miles away. (4025 km). I told them I wouldn’t be in the area, but thank you. Then I got a request to sit, 25 miles from where I live, but out of the blue. Do HO find sitters in their vicinity and then request if they do not get applicants?

Hi @Huronbase
HO can scan for sitters in their own areas and can send invites to people they are interested in. It is not a guarantee they will select you but rather a way for them to put themselves in your radar to see if you would be interested.
Some are looking for people who may become regular sitters for them whilst some may not have applicants or fearful they won’t get someone.
It happens often.
You can respond and either apply or decline.


Some do, yes, but it’s not often very successful. There’s often a reason why a listing has no or very few applicants, and most invites sent don’t match a sitter’s availability or interest (the availability calendar is usually incorrect & only shows times that the sitter isn’t booked with another THS sit - this doesn’t necessarily mean they’re available to sit though, as they could be booked with other sites or simply not looking to sit at those times).

Sometimes they do work out, but usually the best way to secure a sitter is through applicants, as these are the people who are available & keen to sit for them!

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@Huronbase when a homeowner searches for a sitter - the sitters local to their area come up - that’s the way THS platform is programmed.

The majority of sitters aren’t looking for a local sit but rather a travel experience so the current “ find a sitter” search function is not very helpful for either hosts or sitters .

It would be more useful if a search could be done for sitters who want to sit in my location but that’s not possible currently .