Health and Well being when location independent Sitters

Yeah definitely, I think it’s really about finagling what works for each person based on where they tend to go, care needed, etc. I’m sure things would be more difficult with having pre-existing conditions and needing ongoing medication, etc.


I had to look up ‘finagling’ :joy: what a wonderful word​:joy:
I’m going to use it every day :rofl::rofl:


i realize being european how easy it is to be covered.

We can rely on social security, we have a card which is valid in France, another one “european” valid in 28 countries (sorry, 27 next january with Brexit)

I’ve been obliged to go to a doctor in Gotland island, Sweden, it cost me nothing.

I went to hospital in Toscana in 2019. 3 doctors seen, radios, scanner., prescription, No fees, same procedure. I went to the pharmacy, bought medicines, could send that (small) bill to social security

For sure France is a country where taxes are huge, but when you fall ill, when you have an accident, you really realize having not to pay anything in advance is fantastic.

In USA, during a house swap, I had an allergy, was full of marks (pimples ?) on my arms, the lady at the chemist was afraid
I called my travel insurance, went to Carmel hospital, very “chic”, I spent a few hours there and the doctor in the end told me it was a reaction to fleas !!! ( 2 cats lived in the house i was in while the owners were in our flat in Paris)
The amount of the bill was so high I was pleased my travel insurance had given her OK !!

All that to wonder whether many americans seem against the Obama care (sorry another political topic…)