Hello from the windy city! (Chicago)

Hello everyone! :wave:
My name is Wendy and currently share/own an apartment with my partner Jon and our little pup Bowie.
We recently joined a week ago and though we have a month, we are desperate to find a sitter for our little Bowie. We are very new to this but have spoken to a couple of who has pet sat before and they seem to really love it.

Our apartment is new, it was completely revamped on the inside less than a year ago. We moved in last January - so everything is in great condition (new appliances, furnished and great water pressure). We are hoping to find someone soon that will not bail on us - seems to be a bit of a trend from some of the posts I have seen and we already had two sitters apply then withdraw.

We are really laid back and hope to meet nice people along the way, so hope to find some good pointers on how to be a good owner (be transparent) but also find the right sitter. :blush:


Welcome @wendy_chicago!
Long time since I’ve been to Chitown. Definitely a city everyone should visit at least once. And what a great name for a pup. Does he look like Bowie?
Hope to see a pic.
I am confident you will find someone. Best wishes and enjoy our little community.

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Hi. Please realize that the vast majority of sitters are dedicated and would not bail on anyone. I don’t for a minute think this is a trend. As you will read, we are still in unusual times. Those who apply and then withdraw are often people who will apply to multiple sits at the same time. That’s not surprising, given that most listings have multiple applicants. Again, most dedicated sitters will immediately notify a homeowner if, for whatever reason, they are no longer available. This is a courteous step, to keep you informed.

I’m a lover of Chicago, but it’s not on my radar right now. As for being a good homeowner? Your comment about being transparent is spot on. The more information you share, the more you’re likely to find someone who is a good fit. I hope all goes well for you.


HI @Provence we don’t allow listing or profile links on the Forum … any interested members can communicate by Direct Message, thank you.

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Hi Provence, thanks for the feedback on the name, the username I chose was actually my full name. Hopefully the new one helps. We’ve had people saved us (my partner and I) as favorites - members from other cities as well as in Chicago, so I’m not sure if we’re actually that impossible to find.

The great news is that we have a great prospect with a local nice lady who seems really down to earth and wants to help us out, so hopefully everything works out.

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Thank you Amparo!
Here’s a pic of my little pup - he’s a four month old Maltese, will be 5 next Friday!
Doesn’t look like Bowie, but one of our first dates 7 years ago was a David Bowie exhibition at the MCA in Chicago, as we’re both big fans of music we found it to be appropriate. :smiley:

Google Photos


OMG he’s a sweetie! I will have to keep an eye out for a future date with Bowie! :dancer:


@Provence I meant we do not allow links displayed on the forum. They can be included in member’s forum profiles, which are not publicly displayed.

Hi @Provence
Can I ask how I go about adding our THS profile on to our members forum profile please?
Many thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you @Provence for your help and I have now successfully added :slightly_smiling_face:

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