Hello from us and a new idea - Land Sitters

Hi Community

We are full-time sitters and we have been wanting to experience van life for a while now.
We were involved in different eco projects, building vegetable gardens, eco building and compost system and we would love for trusted housesitters to come up with this idea of land sitting even if there’s no accommodation provided. We have done some woofing/volunteering work and are not interested in being in this type of setting. So if TrustedHousesitters added this it would be a great addition to our sitting.
Thoughts on this? I appreciate your feedback!


Are you familiar with vanly? It’s an app for very low cost overnight “vanlife” parking. I won’t go into the details here, but if you Google it you should find plenty of info!

I am not interested in paying to park and there are many free campsites and free lands to camp. We are interested to look after a land as an exchange long term and create an open space and sustainable projects with our skills.

That’s fine, I just wanted to know if you’ve ever heard of it, you do you.