Help for an owner in San Francisco!

Hello sitters.

I have a multiple repeat customer in the Bernal Heights area of San Francisco. He needs help June 7-10 as I’m not able to arrive until June 10 to finish on the 13th. Is there anyone out there that may be interested in covering June 7-10? He has 2 super friendly dogs - a husky and a flat coated retriever.

Let me know - thank you!


Hi Maria, can’t they just post a sit for the needed dates?

Yes but their membership expired. I was just trying to help him out without having to renew since he uses me all of the time now.


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I suspect any sitter from THS would probably want the sit to go thru the website so they are protected by insurance etc. But maybe someone out there can help you. Good luck!


THS provides insurance? I had no idea. Well, the reason he’s let his membership expire is because he’s only hired me to house sit after the first time and I’ve stayed at his house around 8 times already.

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HI Maria, as @Kelownagurl says THS sitter members prefer and we recommend always going through the site.

Reviews from owners are so important to a member’s success these can only be given for sits arranged on the site. Sitters also place high importance of having access to the 24/7 Veterinary Help Line while on their sit, the support of Membership Services and insurance cover and it is the same for owners. Having all of the benefits of the THS membership adds a level of trust, confidence and assurance.

As your message and situation underlines sitters are not always available and the surest way for an owner to get the sitter of their choice, one who is right for their pets and home, is to post on the site, Membership Services are available to help them with this at any time.

Advise the owner to contact Membership Services I’m sure we can offer a Welcome Back to the Community incentive and he will be best placed to find his sitter, there are so many ready to get back to their pet and housesitting lifestyles.

Thank you