Hey! A new sitter to the family!

Hi @Andrei welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters, getting started can often be challenging, it took me almost 2 months and numerous applications before I was successful and remember every sitter member you see with numerous sits to their credit started in exactly the same place as you …

I’ve included a link to a topic started by a member with almost the same narrative as you and now he has sits scheduled back to back for almost 12 months and the forum helped greatly with his success.

Tips from me: … when surveyed pet parent/owner members have three particular important points of interest when considering sitter applications.

Photos, they like the cover photo to show the sitter member with a pet (your second picture is lovely) add some more images to your profile … images with pets & with people. Show your love for animals and warmth with people.

Upload at least one more reference and when you apply for sits be sure to really personalize your application (if you are not doing that already)

We do recommend, when possible to start with local sits, even last minute and short sits to get the experience and that all important first TrustedHousesitters review and I realize that may not be possible for you but applying for International sits for specific dates, in a very popular location can be difficult. Once you are in London your position is likely to change, although it seems that you are looking at very specific dates. Flexibility is one of the keys to success.

I suggest uploading your profile to your Forum profile that way other members can view and give you feedback … we have a very helpful and experienced community >>> This link will explain how https://forum.trustedhousesitters.com/t/how-to-add-a-listing-or-profile-link-to-your-forum-profile/

Meanwhile keep applying, don’t give up and don’t take the rejections personally instead look at how you can improve your applications.

Also the website blog has great articles on getting started. …

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