Hi from Blackshear, Georgia, USA!

Hello! At 63, we are beginning to have the opportunity to check out America and our sweet dog, Susie, would rather stay home, so we joined TH! We love our home and as you might expect from the pic, we spend most of our time on our back deck/gazebo/hot tub!
We are on our 3rd major road trip (5300 miles) and so far only have a sitter for part of the time. I’m not real experienced in TH yet, but tried to post our listing in sections. So far we only have someone for the first part of the sit. I guess people aren’t interested in going to rural South Georgia, although we sure love it! (But I have heard there is a shortage of sitters lately.) I have reached out to those who saved our listing (are the most recent sitters saving the listing shown at the bottom or how do you know which are the most recent?) if their calendar looks open, but so far have not gotten anyone. I’m assuming if I talk with someone who can come differently than the blocks I have listed, I can change the date blocks of the listing? Also, if I invite someone, and they say they can’t come, do they need to go in and Refuse the invite? Seems like some have and some have just told me they couldn’t come. By the way, I wouldn’t leave without having a back up plan, but I would hope i could use this site I signed up for to secure a great person for Susie!) Any advice or tips on TH would be appreciated! You an tell I need more TH education! But I’m really grateful for TH and wish I had checked out some short sits for during our current trip! Hotel prices hurt!

Hi @Our-pet-is-family welcome to our community forum and to TrustedHousesitters … what a wonderful adventure you are embarking on, where are you going in the US (sounds like everywhere) and what has been you highlight so far.

Regarding your listing and and use as a new member I am going to tag our team member @Lucy-Moderator who will pick up with you when she is back online.

Meanwhile you can add your listing to your forum profile introducing your lovely home and pets to our community, here is the link to show you how How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile I am sure our caring and helpful forum members will connect and help with the “TH Education” … there are also great articles to help explain just how it all works on the website blog … Blog - Page 1 | TrustedHousesitters.com

Sitters are as different as the sits on the site and their motivation for sitting is specific locations varies widely, S Georgia could be where they called home and they have relatives to visit, it could be where another member has always wanted to visit, for everyone it’s all about the pets and the whole experience and don’t forget you will see your home and location in a totally different way, to another member it will be somewhere new and interesting.

Welcome again and enjoy connecting with our members from around the world …

Angela and the Team


Hi @Our-pet-is-family I have sent you a quick email over from Membership Services so do keep an eye out for this.


Thanks for your email. Right now on our way to the Outer Banks. I’ll have to get back on the site in the late evening, probably, as there is just too much to see and do during the day! Thanks again!