Hi from Norfolk UK I have uncaged birdies

My two Cockateils have free flight around the home …… would any of you lovely sitters be happy to take care and keep them company, they love people


Hello @gbrabyn and welcome to the forum! I’m sure you’ll get some input from others in our pet loving community, but we have done 2 sits, one in Australia, one in UK, with birds that had free flight around some of the house.

As someone who as a kid had a bird phobia it’s been both healing and a revelation as to how intelligent and entertaining Cockatiels are! Both our charges had stimulating “toys”, puzzles and other interactive accessories and I could honestly have spent my whole day communing with the birds!! It helped that my partner had his own free flight Cockatiel in the past, as without his experience I might not have had the knowledge and I think that’s important when selecting sitters.

I can’t see a live listing on your account at the moment, so I hope you get the reassurance to proceed. I know we have other bird loving sitters here in the community so hopefully they will pick up on this and give you some great feedback! All the best, and enjoy connecting here in the community. Vanessa


How do you stop them pooping around the house?

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Hi @gbrabyn , I don’t have any experience with cocktails, my first concern since they have free flight would be about the bird accidentally escape the house.

You don’t - Our experience is that you have a cloth always in hand :laughing: when they are out of the cage, but it’s not as regular as you might imagine (or wasn’t for us). I’m not sure if @gbrabyn means their birds fly free in the house all the time or just when out of cage? Would love to hear more about this.

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They have free flight all day, put in cage at night. Poop everywhere! Lol
It’s only tiny, left to harden and vacuums up. We keep antibacterial wipes in every room.
I think I’ve solved my bird sitter problem, as a friend has offered, but I’ll certainly keep this site on file. Thank you so much for your interest


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Hi Gwyneth,

I would personally love to care for your cockatiels. We rescued an elderly Alexandrine parakeet (who admittedly could only fly downwards!). We have also cared for our friends African Grey, and I had pet budgies as a child whose cage was open all the time we were in the house.

My husband and I keep meaning to take the children (12 and 10) to a place in Leicestershire, UK that we visited on the recommendation of our parrot owning friends, where many of their parrots were free flying, to see what they make of it!

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Hi @gbrabyn we have owned free flight budgies in the past so very used to having birds flying around us and interacting with us. It’s such a joy. If you are looking for sitters in December 2022 before the 24th or after 16 Jan 2023 please contact me as we will be in the UK until March on our big house sit adventure. We currently have our first confirmed booking near Portsmouth and want to build on that heading north to Scotland to be full time sitters while we are there. I will update my forum profile with a link to our sitter profile. Regards, Jenny

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