Hi from the South Island of New Zealand

Hi everyone

I joined THS recently and I’m hoping to find a house sitter or house sitters who will enable me to have short break away from home ( a small rural property) from time to time.

I last used house sitters (not from this group) 3 years ago. One was brilliant and the other was a total disaster for a lot of reasons.

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Hello @Working_Class and welcome to TrustedHousesitters and to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

I have just had a peruse of your profile and it looks great but I would maybe think about swapping your first photo for one of the photos of your animals, maybe the second one in of your kitty? This will certainly help to draw people in when perusing listings.

I have attached a thread you should find helpful.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask, we are all more than happy to help. :blush:

Hello, @Working_Class I would also like to share a welcome with you and say that it is lovely to have you here.

There are many wonderful sitters who I am sure would be interested in your sit. Personally, I love rural sits and horses are a favourite of mine.

I hope that you find someone to help give you a break away from your mini farm. You can also ask other community members for feedback on your listing and search for previously discussed topics using the spyglass.

I could not resist sharing one of your horse photos! :heart_eyes: :grin:



Thank you for your kind welcome and suggestions. And a huge thank you for sharing the photo.

The pony wearing the ‘hay hat’ is a Kaimanawa pony who was mustered along with another 150 or so wild ponies in the Kaimanawa ranges in late April 2022. She was newly weaned and had been recorded in the Kaimanawa Pony database. She was part of the ‘Outlaw band’ from the Argo Valley. Her mum is ‘Annie Oakley’ and her dad is ‘Roy Rogers’. My pony was named “Pearl Hart” after a Canadian outlaw who was born in 1871. My girl steals hearts not money :wink:


@Working_Class I love your ‘outlaw band’ names!

Wow, I will look up Kaimanawa ponies as I did not know anything about this. I am hoping to visit an area in the USA where I can see wild mustangs. Kaimanawa ponies sound very similar.

I could not resist this photo, just look at that cute face and the ‘hay hat’ :smiling_face: :rofl: :horse:


There are some amazing stories about the ponies and they way they have adapted to domestic life. There’s a competition in which stallions from the muster and their handlers compete just a few months after the muster (the stallions have been gelded by then). The competition shows the horses being ridden and working at ‘liberty’. I’ve never been to the competition but I’ve seen photos and videos.

Back to my ponies. I applied to adopt a weanling filly in 2021 but was allocated a slightly older pony who had had a ‘boyfriend’ shortly before she was mustered. As soon as I saw her (by video) coming off the truck at her handler’s property on the North Island I decided to call her Pearl (a beautiful and mysterious thing). Pearl’s trainer and I named the bulge in Pearl’s middle “Mini Pearl” and shortened it to MP. Pearl and several other ponies came from the remote Zone 20 in the ranges. Ponies who live there aren’t recorded in the database. MP was born in Feb 2022 and he and Pearl finally came to live with me in late March 2022. Fastforward a couple of months and my application to adopt a weanling filly was accepted and I was allocated Pearl Hart. Goodness what the odds of one owner having 2 ponies called “'Pearl” would be. Pearl Hart went to Pearl’s handler was promptly nicknamed Small Pearl (aka SP)

SP came down to the South Island in August 22 and settled in beautifully with Pearl and MP.


@Working_Class Thank you for sharing this, what a fascinating story with such a lovely outcome. Very serendipitous! :smiling_face: :horse:

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