Hello from Scotland! We have just joined - a wee introduction from us!

Hello my name is Rosie and I’ve just joined hoping to find a lovely sitter/s to look after our home and animals this summer.

I live in a really beautiful village in the heart of the Scottish Borders with my husband Alex, our three children and our lovely animals. Alex and I are both managers for two local charities, outside of work we have an active life with our kids and animals and enjoy all that the Scottish Borders Countryside has to offer.

We have three dogs, Remus our 15 year old Border Terrier is a lovely old boy who has slowed up in his old age but still loves a cuddle and a gentle stroll. We also have two Flatcoated retrievers Bella and Arya who are mum and daughter. They both adore people and are full of fun. They love swimming in the local rivers and lochs and exploring the countryside on walks, especially if they can find a large stick to bring to their human.

We have a flock of Pekin Bantam chickens which have been hand reared by my son who absolutely adores them. They are friendly little characters and love to wander around our back garden with you, busily finding bugs and bustling about. They lay delicious little eggs too!

We also have four ponies Luna and Bow are beautiful Connemara ponies that we rescued from going to the slaughter house when the stud they were on closed down. Both girls are very friendly and gentle. We also have two smaller ponies that my children ride - Harry a very friendly, cheeky, greedy boy who is unflappable and very clever. Toby is our smallest pony, he loves children but can be a bit stand off ish with adults however he soon comes around with a carrot and a scratch.

We are so lucky with where we live, our house has beautiful views, lots of space and there is loads to do and explore in our local area, we hope our sitters will love it as much as we do!


Hi @RosieK and welcome to the Forum and THS. Your home and pets look great, and that is a wonderful profile full of lots of good information.

I am from Scotland, and I know the borders well, I was a sales rep for a year in the mid-1980s and my area covered the borders - weekly visits to Selkirk, Melrose, Gala, Peebles etc so I know the roads and beautiful countryside. If I was in Scotland ATM I would seriously consider your sit, but unfortunately (!) I am “stuck” in Bali until the end of August. :rofl: :joy:


Hi @RosieK what a fabulous sounding sit! If only the kids and I were not still at school during your dates…

We’ve just returned from a great sit just up the road at the East Lothian side of the Lammermuir Hills and we’d love to explore the Scottish Borders too. My older son would be swimming in the Lochs with your flatcoats!

As @Petermac said, your listing is excellent with lots of great information.

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Oh my how delicious!
I need a clone button!
Someone is going to have a wonderful sit.
Welcome @RosieK and all the best!

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Wow @RosieK your listing is amazing. The level of detail really appeals to me as it would save me having to ask you lots of questions. The photos are great too. Your animals and home look lovely.
Shame our school hasn’t broken up by then though.
I’m sure you will have many wonderful sitters applying. Good luck!

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I wish I wasn’t booked for those dates! I would love to take care of all your pets. That is pure joy for me!

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Thank you so much for your lovely welcome and feedback! That’s amazing to hear you know it well! So many people haven’t heard of the Borders - I feel like it is still a wee undiscovered gem :heart: