Hello from Cheltenham UK

Hi, my Wife and I have just joined the site as we know how difficult it can be to find good people to look after our home and furbabies. We have two indoor cats Jasper & Rosie who we are very lucky to have a friend who house and cat sits when we are away. We want to repay that by helping out others whilst also exploring different parts of the UK initially and then maybe more of the world.


Hi @Ianlander
Welcome to the wonderful world of housesitting.
My home is in Cheltenham and has been for the past 16 years, but I’ve rented it out and am currently housesitting/travelling in the South Island of New Zealand. I was 6 months in the North island before the pandemic too.
I hope you’ll enjoy this lifestyle as much as I do and will have no problem finding sitters for Jasper and Rosie while you sit for others.
Good luck!


Hi @Ianlander
A warm welcome to the forum.
I see you have attached your sitter profile to your forum profile. I am sure you will get lots of advice to help you secure your first sit.

You have added your LinkedIn link, which is perfect, and I would recommend you add a few outside references as this also adds a lot of credibility to your profile.

Please keep us posted on your new journey and enjoy all the contributions you find on the forum.
Best wishes
Therese and the forum team.

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Hello @Ianlander and welcome! We are a family of housesitters who also live in Cheltenham UK. We usually sit during school holidays and the occasional weekend as our sons are at secondary school and I work in a school. Life is just to busy in term time to have pets of our own, but we have plenty of time in the school holidays to care for other peoples pets.


Hello @Ianlander and welcome to TrustedHousesitters and to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

I have just had a peruse of your profile, it looks great but I would maybe add a couple of character references if you can.

Please keep us updated with your house sitting journey and if you can share any photos along the way, we would love to see. :camera::slightly_smiling_face:

Do you know whereabouts in the UK you would like to start sitting?


Thanks, I will look at adding some character references. As regards to where in the UK we are looking to sit. We love being by the coast, so anywhere that ticks that box is a potential for us.
We can’t wait to get started.


Good luck! I’ll be interested to see where you go


We have just completed our first weekend sit in Kent for 2 beautiful dogs and a python (although we didn’t need to do anything for the python).

It was everything we imagined and more we are so happy with it and can’t wait to get our next one booked in.


@Ianlander That is fantastic news! Roll on the next one :clap:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

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Congratulations on completing your first sit @Ianlander . Once you get started it does get a bit addictive! So far this year we’ve done sits in Dorset, Derbyshire, Pembrokeshire and London. The next one is in Cornwall!