HO: How many members of a family would you welcome for an assignment?

HO: When you are posting your assignment as "family friendly " what does it mean ? Toys or kid’s room in the house ? parks around ? not too many porcelain collections in the living room ? How many people from a petsitting family would you welcome in your house ?

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I accept kids If they are old enough to go to the pool without any risk, i don’t want them to run after the dog, annoys him or the cat . That means only teen agers? Or babies who don’t walk yet !

we have a guest room with a double bed ok for 2 kids sleeping together, we might put an extra bed If they don’t but If parents accept they sleep in the same room

I’ll watch feed backs of previous owners to be sure young ones have behaved correctly

We faced problems with families in our home exchanges in the past, with 5 years old kids writing on the walls and parents trying to hide that with painting…


How awful
I agree you can’t watch them 24/7
But I brought my children to respect not only our home.
But that of others.