HO not read email / messages

This is a good idea. I have 4 that haven’t read the application.

Wow. :flushed:
I honestly can’t understand those people. Aren’t they curious? Don’t they want to see what people have written?! I’m fascinated by who’s applying to our sit!


The HO may only be able to see the 5 applications that TH allowed. Yours could be #6 that the HO can’t see or reply to. As a HO I am very upset that I am only allowed to see the first 5 applications. It seems the HO has to reject all the first 5 in order to get more applications. So please do not blame the HO for the TH new methods. See all the forum discussions about the 5 application limit.


Yeah, it wasn’t the rule of five for me. It was the HO being a bit disappointing. It’s their loss though! I’m not going to get bent out of shape about it!


Hi @TravelSpirit - I am not a fan of the 5 application rule but it is my understanding that the home host can decline individual applications one by one in order to accept more. They do not have to reject all the first five.

So, if they have received five applications, they can reject one in order to enable them to receive one more

I am sure @Ben-ProductManager will confirm that this is correct

I agree, I don’t understand (might have missed the message) why it is now limited it the homeowner only seeing the 1st 5.

Hi @JanAlayne - there is a lengthy thread on the forum called Conclusion of Pausing Applications. Hopefully you will find the answer there. As that topic is now closed it shouldn’t be discussed in other threads :weary:

Thank you for sharing the info.

As a sit (and sitter), I try to reply to all applications but sometimes it takes me a couple of days. I normally read the first applicants and if I like them, I’ll schedule a call with them first. I think of it as « first come first served « . It may be weird but I don’t want to be bias and that way I remain fair and don’t let other people’s applications sway me. If there are issues with that applicant, then I’ll go down the list to the next and so on.


@mountaingen Welcome back, and thank you for your contribution to an interesting thread.

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Thanks for raising Colin, didn’t know this was a thing.

I thought this Colin and decided to try it out.

I declined a sit that had 5 cutoff and for curiosity reasons, checked back regularly. It didn’t reappear.

It could be to do with when the servers update, or someone applied very quickly and it went offline again.

Would be good to hear from @Ben-ProductManager

@Robert If an owner declines any applications from their “5”, they have to manually unpause the listing themselves to allow more sitters to apply. It does not automatically get unpaused.


As a HO with 0 applicants on my sit posting, I’m surprised that some HOs don’t respond to applicants! I constantly check my email for updates. I very much agree that it is common courtesy to reply with a reason. I had sitters decline my invitations to submit an app and their response messages were helpful for me to know that they were not applying because of timing and not a concern with my home, pets, area, etc.


To echo what everyone else has said, it’s not common for Homeowners to not reply or at least not reject your application even without a note, but it does happen, especially for sits that receive a lot of applicants quickly. I can imagine it can be overwhelming and I’ve learned sitters tend to monitor THS for inbox activity and listings a bit more than HOs would need to.

I usually give it 2-3 days and have definitely had Homeowners reply 3+ days after my initial application- sometimes people are just busy and want to respond with care! If it’s past 3 days and the homeowner has not denied my application, it doesn’t hurt to send a follow up just saying “Just wanted to check in and see if you had any questions for me/us!”

The “non-responsive Homeowners” after submitting an application isn’t common but when it does happen, it gets easier with time. You start to learn to not put all your eggs in one basket and things work out the way they are supposed to! Best of luck!

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That’s a worry, given that several homeowners I’ve spoken with know nothing about the change!

There would be MANY owners who are unaware of this change @Dawnie!

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That’s intersting. Do you know if this is being looked at by the tech team? Perhaps adding it to the list?

Hi @Dawnie - The tech team are aware of this

If I am NOT selected for a sit, will I be notified by the THS system? It would be nice if the home owner notified me, but I know that doesn’t always happen.