Home insurance withdrawn due to sitter

Hello, our home insurer is withdrawing our cover due to us having a sitter for 7 weeks following the death of our mother. Ironically they will cover if the property is unoccupied but say they don’t know anything about our sitter which presents an insurance risk
! Withdrawn cover means Trusted Housesitters cover is also invalid.
Can anyone recommend a provider who does not have an issue with a sitter in their home. Our home is also grade 2 listed building but I’d appreciate any suggestions for insurers we can try to see if they will provide home and contents cover for us. Thank you.

This forum is international. If you don’t specify where you are nobody can help.

We completed a sit in Kent whose insurance policy went down as they always use sitters while away. The home is occupied Therefore safer.
If I was you I would look for another insurer!

Yes we have to find a new insurer. I was looking for advice from anyone who has an insurer who is happy for their home to be occupied by a sitter. The ones we have contacted don’t find this acceptable. Any leads much appreciated,

@browna82 in which country do you live? Then members can answer from experience.

You don’t need to say it is being occupied by a sitter @browna82. If a friend stayed, would you notify your insurance company? I’m in Australia and have given my insurance company the names of my “friends” to be recorded in case of emergency.

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There was a similar thread here, where I wrote to following:


If you are in U.K. - try AA home insurance .

Bit late now for the old insurance policy, but never tell insurance companies anything they don’t need to know. Because they are ridiculously strict and view any change as a financial liability. I know you were just being honest, but if I were you, just get the best new insurance company you can, and only ever tell them a relative is staying in your home (IF you even have to mention that).
Good luck.

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@BillyBonnieBenji Well, then one has a risk that they would not pay out in case the home burnt down or something like that.

Sorry I should have said I am in the UK. It must be risky to say that friends are staying when they are not…it is actually a sitter. If something went wrong you would get into those friends having to give all kinds of information about what happened and how would the cover Trusted Housesitters then be relevant?
Would still love to hear from anyone in the UK who has cover having been honest about the sitter. Thank you.

Just have dinner with them the night before and then they are friends!

That unravels if the sitter then needs to rely on Trusted Housesitters insurance cover.

Not if the sitters are using their own THS insurance cover and not yours for any claim. Or if you have both in place then choose the insurance policy that will over the issue. A lot of insurance policies invalidate if you leave a property unoccupied for more than 30 days. In this case, the sitters/guests/friends are a godsend for cover @browna82 - just a thought :thinking:

Unfortunately if there is a claim relating to our home it will be us who needs to make the claim, not the sitter so we really need the THS cover and this is invalidated if we don’t already have home and contents insurance and that is proving almost impossible to get as providers see the sitter as a risk.

You saw the message on this thread (or another) about the AA being a good option as suggested by @Silversitters?