Home owner be honest about your actual location & expectations

We have started asking for the address during the video call or immediately after acceptance. We have, in the past, sometimes been caught out getting the address much later and finding it is not exactly where we thought e.g further out in the sticks, or down a rough road etc. Ultimately not a problem when we’ve been with our own car but not so convenient if relying on public transport as in some overseas sits. Most hosts in our experience don’t complete the welcome guide or just prepare their own thing, usually with their address, but also usually sent much closer to the sit dates or just in paper form on arrival. So its always good to get the address immediately incase its not going to be a good fit.


I too ask for the precise area, asking for the street name or the closest cross roads, explaing coming without a car (for example) i want to see how far is the market, the grocery, the bus stop ( or train station)
I declined a sit realizing we would be close to a train station, very noizy.
It’s to late once you have been selected to ask for such infos.
With Google earth you see a lot.
Having got the zip code by the owner i vould see the house was totally remote.
No pubs around … within walking distance.

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