Home owners beware

Please beware of these Toxic Plants to Animal’s - If You have any of them remove Them or Don’t get them

A. Sago palm ( really bad)
B. Foxtail agave
C. Blue morning glory

Animal’s get Very Sick & Most Times They ~ DIE :paw_prints::paw_prints::dog2::black_cat::paw_prints::paw_prints:
Please let Others know


Thank you for sharing this very important information @Janeanne ! This blog post goes even more in detail about toxic plants for dogs.

Just to add, lillies are deadly to cats and seem to be in many indoor flower displays xx

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Hi @Janeanne as @Julie-Moderator says thank you so very much for posting this very important information … unfortunately your images didn’t load, you can always edit your post and try to add again.

Helping others by sharing our knowledge with the community is a great way to use the forum as there will be many who go “I did not know that” like @Deborah who brings attention to Lillies and @Deborah you are absolutely correct ordering flowers as gifts can be difficult as most arrangements come with Lillies. When sending to a cat family I always put a NO LILLIES note on the order.

Thank you again.

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Is that a photo of vomit?

Yes , It Is/Was