List of foods toxic to pets

Hi I have just finished a sit with a gorgeous staffy. The owner’s mother picked him up and I gave her a bag of grapes that was in the fridge. She dropped them on the floor when she got home and he ate them up. She rang me to say that grapes and raisins are poisonous to dogs, which I didn’t know. So I wanted to let other housesitters and owners know this. Also could we have a page on Trusted housesitters which lists all foods known to be toxic to dogs and cats, as it is something we should all be aware of.


Yes, I’ve read that before. I’m paranoid about stuff like that — unless I’ve read that X food is safe for an animal, I assume that it’s not good for them. Like if there were a list of foods I’ve googled (maybe Big Brother has kept such a list) about whether a dog can eat X, that list would be long, LOL. The cats I’ve cared for usually aren’t underfoot in the kitchen or under the dining table, watching every bite I eat and might drop. I try to be careful about not dropping things and, if I do drop, quickly grabbing them or putting my foot over them so a dog can’t get them before I do.

The other thing is, each animal has its own tolerances and health. With pets new to me, I consider that they might have delicate systems. If they are things that their humans didn’t OK, I run the risk of hurting them and having to clean up their sick or such. I’m mindful of that.

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Although I know the general list of foods that are healthy and toxic for dogs, I don’t give foods outside of what the homeowner tells me to give. The HOs know about each pets’ digestive issues.

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Hi everyone,
I never usually give animals any human food unless the homeowner does. In this case, she told me that the dog loves fruit and vegies. It was a shock to me to find out that grapes were toxic and as dogs are such scavengers, it is an important thing for pet sitters to be aware of.

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Hi @LindaJH thank you for bringing up the very important subject involving pet safety.

The website blog is full of informative articles about what pets can and cannot eat, including which plants and flowers are poisonous these are available to any member needing tips and advice many with contributions from veterinary experts.

Here are just a few examples:

Our Feline friends too

Finally if the worst should happen …

It’s also worth remembering that pet parents have access to the 24 hour Veterinary Help Line which sitters have access to whilst on a sit.

Visit the website blog for articles on Pets, People & Places and much, much more. :slightly_smiling_face: