Home owners please check your dates

Please Home Owners check and double check your dates before confirming a sit. We have just lost our sitters early because their next sit contacted them and said they had got the date wrong and needed them a day earlier than they had Said. Luckily we managed to arrange for them to pass our key on to a neighbour who offered to care for our dog until we got home. Otherwise we would have had to come home a day early, which as we were leasing a holiday for 14 would have been very difficult.


I echo this, we have applied for sits and the home owner has changed the dates afterwards, sometimes we can accommodate but other times it causes a problem as we closely plan our sits.
Also home owners publish dates but in their profile they talk about different dates (usually in the past), i assume its because they’ve forgotten to update their profile but its confusing.
I’d recommend all homeowners review their sits before publishing as often we read about a puppy but actually it isnt a puppy anymore or a pet is listed that is deceased causing further confusion!


I agree. One of the first things I ask is for confirmation of their dates (when they leave/return and when they want us to arrive/leave). Where possible, I ask for flight numbers. We also try to leave a day free before and after a sit in case of changes.

I’m glad you were able to find a solution to your problem. It seems that it might have been nice of the other home owners had offer to arrange something similar so they sitters could arrive after they had left since they are the ones who made the mistake.


Hi @Sallyann I’m sorry this situation arose, it only goes to highlight the need for clear communication especially where departure and arrival dates and times are concerned. I have messaged the Membership Services Team asking for a team member to connect directly with you for more details … Thank you

Yes we try and allow a day before & after as we find its quite common that HOs change this a little. Though nothing can be a 100% flexible.
We were allowing a 2 day drive to our next sit, with a stop on the way down to break the 8 hour journey and a view to arriving nice & fresh. Now the HO wants us a day earlier, at least we’ve allowed the extra day but as they need us there for lunchtime means a 5/6am start!! And neither of us are morning people🥱
Im sorry you had lose your sitter early due to their next sit.

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I’m wondering why your sitters didn’t split up, with one of them staying on with your pets while the other went to the new sit?


Us too. A 24 or 48 hour window seems safer and has been used several times by HO’s who were confused on flight times or were delayed :+1:

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I suppose because they only had one vehicle, although there is a station where they were going and we could have taken one of them to the station at our end.

Story time. I had a confirmed sit for 2 months PP (pre-pandemic). The owners had two homes and they lived in both, traveling back and forth every few months. We had done all the conversations etc. Then woohoo, they had listed for the wrong house in the wrong time frame, backwards from where they actually were going to be and where the need was going to be.
Needless to say it never happened, at least not for me. Lots of apologies ensued and in the end it all worked out before any travel arrangements had been made.
In hindsight it was quite funny.


Oh I’ve had this! It happened to be that the HO was going away at a similar time they did to previous year- but everything they had described on their profile regarding dates and other things that would be happening over the month was all based on the previous year. I am a language processing/machine learning engineer and my brain is bubbling with ways you could create a little flag to say "Hey, look like your profile is talking about last year’s adventures still! " Looks around for admins!

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