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I don’t think this has been brought up before but as a sitter we’ve only done one sit where the homeowners actually had a pic of themselves on their listing. It was an international sit we did and the homeowner arranged the meeting point to pick us up so it was great that I knew who to look for! All of us sitters have lots of pictures of us on our profile but I think it’s rare that the homeowners have pics of them in their listings. It would be great if homeowners posted a pic of themselves in their listing. The tiny little profile pic of a homeowner just doesn’t cut it. I just applied on a sit with a couple in the pic and had a reply but I don’t know which one of the couple I’m chatting with.


I only have a profile picture of myself, because I am the one who manages the listing and chooses the sitters and therefore I thought it would be nice for the sitters to also know what my husband looks like. It might happen that he is the one to pick up the sitter(s) at the airport or train station. So there’s a picture of both of us in my listing.


One house owner send me a picture the d’y before I was flying. She said don’t miss us. Was cute.

Good idea! Did you finally make it home? It’s warmed up since you left :slight_smile:

Hi @Annette Your point reminded me of one of my sits. Overall, I do have a video chat for any sit beforehand, so I’m not faced with just a photo. However, as time passes I’m not confident that I’ll recognize them. I am fortunate that most times the owners offer to pick me up at the airport. For one sit, the owner told me where she would stand and that she’d be holding a red rose. I told her I’d be wearing my favourite pink sun hat. Although it’s difficult to wear that type of hat on a plane, I did. However, unfortunately I lost the hat at the stopover airport. Thankfully the owner was true to her word and I was able to recognize her by the red rose. Imagine her surprise though, when I approached her, given I wasn’t wearing a pink hat. We laughed over that story.

These days I don’t take any chances. The day I’m departing, I take and send my photo, which also shows what I’m wearing. I also have bright blue luggage, which is noticeable and I explain that. I ask the owners to send me a similar photo. Of course I can also resort to texting, if needed. So far exchanging photos on the day has worked a charm … and now I treat myself to a new hat on arrival, or pack a folding one. Sun hats are not fun to wear on a plane. :sunglasses: :cowboy_hat_face:


Thanks for asking. Made home in 2and half days. Was a good idea.
Where is your next adventure?

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