Owners photos

Can you explain why you can only view a very small circular photo of the house owners
They get to see what a sitter looks like but not the other way around
I feel it would be a useful addition to be able to enlarge their photos


Hi @seagulls I have moved your question to a more appropriate category which includes member feedback and ideas … thank you for posting.

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Agreed! Unless the homeowner also has a sitter profile, we generally have no idea what their picture actually looks like. We usually squint to try and make it out, but usually can’t. It would be a nice feature to be able to click on the profile image and get a larger version of the image :slight_smile:


I so agree with @seagulls and @ScrewTheAverage. It is such a small image of the HO that it really is difficult to see what they look like. I know it would help when I am addressing them in my application.


@seagulls Great question, I have often wondered the same thing!