Feedback on our listings

Hello All
When you get a chance, could someone(s) take a look at both our HO & Sitter listings and provide some feedback? I have both links in my forum profile. Sitter is in the web link and the HO is in the about me section.
Thanks for taking the time :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello @HelloOutThere … I have had a peruse of both your sitter and HO profiles, both are great with nice photos and information but I would possibly think about changing your first photo on your HO profile and use a nice one of your cat or the outside of your home rather than a photo of the lounge.
Hope this helps. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi @HelloOutThere. Your pet parent listing looks great. I agree that changing your first photo to one of Ollie, maybe the one that’s currently your second photo, would catch sitters’ eyes. That’s the only recommendation I have, as your listing looks great.

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Agreed! Thank you!

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@HelloOutThere you are very welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t see the HO link in your profile, but I checked the sitter listing. You and your wife look like great fun, however as a HO I’d like to see more photos of you with pets in the first few photos. Good luck!

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Hmmm…I will double check where I posted the link in the about you.
Thx u!

Thanks for checking it out!

Greetings HelloOutThere: I was only able to view your “sitter” profile. You look like a really fun, happy couple but some pics of you with pets would be great to see. I’m a sitter with THS for eight years now and it’s been a great experience. One thing I learned right from the beginning is that you have to be very open and “go with the flow” to enjoy this experience. You are going to sit in homes that may not be up to your standards of cleanliness. There will be pets that aren’t as well behaved as you expect and homeowners that don’t communicate as well as you would have liked. You’ve been quite detailed as to your expectations for a sit and there is nothing wrong with that but I think those expectations may come across as being somewhat rigid and may turn some homeowners off, especially when starting out on this. May be better to remove these expectations from your profile and discuss directly with homeowners when applying. Just my thoughts and best of luck!


Hello @globetrotter!
Thank you for a thoughtful reply.
I have to look into why the HO link I pasted into the about me isn’t visible.
I agree with your sentiment overall.
I read many profiles to get a vibe of who I felt I would be compatible to sit for and sitters to consider for my home layered with some hindsights/recommendations gleamed from the forum hence the listings.
I keep tweaking both profiles because I do think that chatting is better for expectation/communication but screening out deal breakers from the onset may be good too.
Thank you again!

@HelloOutThere I can see both profiles. When you first click on your name on the forum, a small window appears and in that I can just see your sitter profile link. However if I click on your forum name again in that window, it opens your forum profile in full screen view and I can also see your homeowner profile link just a couple of lines below the sitter one. Hopefully this helps people find it!


Hi everyone. I know it can be confusing when members include 2 listings in their forum profiles, so here’s an image of @HelloOutThere’s forum profile to help.

Am I getting an award for this? =)
or just a shout out?

Is our forum profile done correctly for adding both? As I understand we can do?

tx Bonnie

Both listings look great!

Lots of photos and info. Just what sitters and HOs need. Being both yourselves has paid off!


Hi @Karen_E
Is our forum profile correct in adding the listings? Not sure why you shared our post with a screen shot. Let me know if it has to be modified to be less confusing or more accurate for adding the listings. Thanks

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Hello, @HelloOutThere Karen is not currently online, I would say that Karen shared your screenshot as you have both a sitters profile and a home listing. It was shared as some members are not used to seeing both on a profile (especially newer members) and to make sure that it was clear so members could view and feedback on both. Please be assured that It is all correct on your forum profile. I am glad that you are getting some great feedback on both :slight_smile: :grinning:

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Well, now I can’t see your listing profile, but I can see your sitter profile. And that’s fine if you’re not actively looking for a sitter anyway.

Each time you sit for someone else, you’ll probably learn a ton and think of ways to update both of your profiles. And ditto for when you have someone sit for you.

Anyway, great start!

Great advice. I write in my profile that I look forward to a Whatsapp call to discuss our fit and expectations.

Nice profile! I’d consider dropping the emphasis on non-smoking in by not putting it in your title and mentioning it briefly in your profile text along with no allergies etc statement or something like that. Most sits are non-smoking; at least no inside smoking, and you can ask that in an interview. All the best!

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Yes - I took that link off. All good for the HO listing. tx u!