New HO and dog

Joined 3 weeks ago. Thought that I would have several applicants at least but to date no-one. Have approached a couple of sitters myself but no-one available. Not now sure whether it was worth joining - any tips?

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Many longstanding members – both homeowners and sitters – would be happy to help you polish your listing, and or tell you why you might be getting much interest. The first step is going to be making your listing visible. See this link: How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile


@srich78012 hello and welcome.
Overall…yeah…THS and this community are worth it. Not perfect but worth it.

Add your listing as @Marion suggested.

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It’s interesting -I usually get five applications right away and I’ve noticed my last two dates I posted didn’t have the same robust interest. I don’t know what to attribute that to. I just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone. If your dates are coming up soon, Maybe look to boost it. That will move it up so sitters are more likely to see it. I will look over your post and see if I have any other recommendations when you get it linked to your forum profile. Good luck to you.
I’ve had wonderful sitters and really love this concept and THS

Can you link the sit to your message?

Many thanks I have boosted the listing once already

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I can’t tell if you’ve linked it to your profile because I’m not very good at this yet. If you’re having trouble doing it, you can ask an admin for help and they will do it for you. I think the best way from what I’ve read, to attract sitters is to have a very good listing with a lot of details and nice pictures. If you’ve already linked it to your forum profile, maybe somebody could help me figure out how to find it! Good luck to you.

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OK I figured out how to check to see if you have linked your sit to your forum profile. It appears that you have not done that yet. You can use the search function to walk you through the steps to link it up. It’s very simple if you follow the steps -Perhaps easier on a laptop or desktop. This will allow both sitters and homeowners to give you some tips and give you more visibility to someone who might want to cover your dates. good luck

After several attempts I think I have now attached my link to my profile - thanks for your reply.


Hi Marion I think I have now linked to my profile - eventually!! Any tips on polishing gratefully received. Sue

Hi @srich78012 I’ve had a look.
you listing looks good and you’ve covered most of the information sitters will want to know.
Adding a photo of the bed that the sitters will sleep in , is important.

You could also add how near/ far is it to the beach ?


Hello @srich78012 I suggest writing a bit more about your pups demeanor and make it more clear in the write up and photos where the thsitter will be sleeping.

It is very helpful to add texts/captions to photos to describe what the photo is about.

I say update that photo that is suppose to have a bed.

Good luck!

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I would add some pictures of the village, the castle, and maybe the lavender fields. Also expand the narrative to include some of the great stuff that I found when I googled Corfe Mullen what a cool place -now I wanna come visit!
“There is evidence around the village of a civilization that existed in 6000 BC ; as well as Celtic habitation circa 1300 BC; and of course, the Romans circa AD 50.”
Just cut and paste some of this wonderful information that we might not know if we’re not from the area. From your listing and photos currently it was just not that compelling. How far are you from an airport or a train station? How would people get there if they didn’t have a car? What’s the weather gonna be like during the time you want someone to come? Good luck. I’ll keep an eye out. Come back and let us know how this works.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my listing I have now made some changes.

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my listing - I have now made some changes. I have added more text to my introduction, changed some of the photos and will try and upload some local landmarks when I have identified some. For some reason I cannot amend the home/location text so have had to add to my intro. Fingers crossed now I can get someone for March? Sue

Hi @srich78012, the additions you have made are great. Only thing I would remove is the bedroom photo that doesn’t show the bed as it’s not really needed now you have included the photo of the bed.
Where Willow needs lifting into a car if being taken a little further afield, would the sit be more suited to a couple or is she light enough for a single sitter to manage?
We’ll look forward to seeing applicants now applying. :blush:

When we were brand new, we reached out to new HS who lived locally. That way, we could both get some positive reviews under our belts, and we could meet in advance putting us both at ease. That worked great for us!
We’ve been part of the community since June, and it has been TOTALLY worth it. It’s a really wonderful win-win situation. Hang in there!

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Your listing looks good. As a HO and a sitter, my only thing would be that for me personally the sit is too close in time and that may be a reason for low applicants. Most good sitters are booked quite far in advance. For me, when I post a sit, I give at least a few months notice but then again mine is a difficult sit as my dogs are hard work and we are very specific about who sits. As a sitter, I wouldn’t look at a sit in the U.K. unless it was a couple months out (or right next to my mums house of course) because of plans we already have. I think your sit looks lovely, as does your house and adorable dog. I wish you the best of luck