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Hi Owners; a sitter-only here, with a question for you.

The profiles we create as sitters, do HOs do one too? Maybe those that go with the wee picture of the HO in a listed sit? How do we access profiles of other members? Nothing happens when I touch the picture of the HO in a listing; shouldn’t that link to their profile?

And @Angela would you consider this a suggestion please - that owners have publicly visible profiles like sitters? Or advise that I’m mistaken? Save me posting yet again in that category :hugs:


Yes owners do create a profile too : Im’ an owner and a sitter, you may watch my profile as an owner on my profile on this forum.

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You must ask Shannon (on this forum) how she was able to read my 2 profiles on THS web site. I thought only sitters could see owners profiles and only owners could see sitters ones.

Hmm :thinking:. If I look at your forum user avatar, I see 2 links. One takes me to the profile you have created on this forum (which may or may not be the same as your owner profile on the THS Website) and the other to your listing as an owner, which currently has no dates. Neither of these are what I mean by an owner profile.
However, I might discover more when I look further.

did I make a mistake on “references” section ? I click myself on the link, and only my owner profile appears,
there are no dates for the moment, because I’m not seeking a sitter (cf Covid)

the other link is my sitter profile : it’s not indicated on the forum to day, it was yesterday but I thought more sitters were on this forum, so it might be more interesting to draw the attention of potential sitters who would like to come to France one day… than being part of the sitters
(owning pets myself, I look for sitters when I know where and when I go away, exchanging homes, renting a b&b or pet sitting myself…)

what do you mean by an owner profile ? i 'm not sure I understand. We all made a short presentation on the forum. So far it seems we are few owners (4?)

Yes, exactly. I’m not talking about the forum but the THS Website. When you get sitters applying for your sit, you can look at each of their profiles on the Website to assist in making your choice of sitter.
Do owners have such profiles?

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@Saltrams @Provence … Owners do not create a personal profile only their listing.

In addition to pet and home details some owners do include personal information however it is not a formal profile, unlike a sitter’s profile.

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@Angela-CommunityManager Wish some owners would update their details as often the title and descriptions include old dates. Can be so confusing.


soetimes there are photos of several pets and when you read the text one of them passed away, but stil remains a number of pets which is not right anymore.
Sometimes owners evoke summer in the text or title when the date given is november. Strange…

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Yep, new as I am, I have noticed this happens a lot
I find it strange, not just because wordsmithery (of course that’s a word) is my stock in trade but also because it gives the impression of carelessness about the sit. A good few owners will be digitally challenged but not as many as I see with bad headlines.
Hmm :thinking:, are there guidelines on how to compile HO listings?


@Saltrams Happens a lot doesn’t it@ You would think that as owners you would want the most recent, accurate information displayed wouldn’t you?


As I’ve been warned by THS the owner listing appearance has been changed , I had a look on my own and realized I had to change things (my puppy can be walked now for example)

For sure, I think owners don’t pay enough attention to their own listings, they think the responsabilities are the same one year later

I’ve made a marvellous sit in Guernsey last february, the owners had still the photos of 2 dogs published on their listing although one was dead when the ir ad had been published but it was said in the text.

I think it was hard for them to wipe out the photo, to make their beloved dog dead a second time

I faced the same situation : between february and august, my pets were not the same to look after. I 've got the impression to be a treator to my former dog , dead in june, to wipe out his photo lately (even on this forum I show Nuage). Although the sitter found in february who came in august had been warned he would be in charge of a puppy instead of a 12 years old dog (I asked him if he felt OK for that responsability. I could have delayed my adoption…) I even asked THS to be sure I made the right things

Now my listing has changed totally . Probably because being a member of that forum, I listen to the critics of sitters. And being a sitter myself I understand both sides problematics or hopes !

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Agreed. I usually draw this to their attention but whether they still don’t always change it.

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