Does a HO have a "Profile"?

Can anyone please tell me where I can find the HO’s profile? Does every HO have one? I noticed recently that a button ‘click profile’ appeared when I applied for a sit next to ‘view listing’ but I haven’t been able to find the profile for all HO’s. Thanks!

I think it is only if they are housesitters as well

Hi @saritrace welcome back to the forum, we’ve missed you!

Sitters create profiles, owners their listings. TrustedHousesitters collect owner information just as they do for sitters however owners do not create a profile.

I think all the info is on our listing, I don’t think we have a separate profile……:thinking:

Thanks everyone! I was just a bit thrown because I saw this HO profile recently, but now I realise they are also sitters. It was great to read, gave a really good feeling for the people, maybe HO’s should have a profile as well?


@Foldor13 Yes you are correct, you would only have a separate profile if you had a combined (active) membership of both owner and sitter :slight_smile:

The way owners speak about them (If they give détails of course) is very similar to a sitter’s profile.
Being both, i really think i’m repeating things on my listing as a HO and on my profile as a sitter. I just add the amount of sits i made on my profile and the amount of stars i’ve got. I even précise on my listing i’m an occasional sitter.

I do precise we had dogs all our life and are very experienced house swappers, thinking it may be interesting for all kinds of readers. I
I don’t see much différence with sitters prifiles

This is a brilliant observation. I definitely would want to know the background of the people for whom we sit.

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