Changes in the HO & sitters profile?

I just updted my listing on the app, and noticed there were two changes (or have I just never noticed them?):

  1. New tabs to click on the My Pet -section. But when I go to view my profile, I cannot find any of that info being visible for sitters.

  1. When I view my listing and click the little circular picture of my dog, it opens a new window to show the entire petcare section of my Welcome Guide.

I don’t see those features on the website, only in the app. Could some of you please check my profile (linked here, no active dates at the moment) and let me know, what you see. I know you need to do some scrolling in the app to find it, but the location ia Samut Prakan

I would really appreciate, if the members would be informed about these kind of new features! Finding out about them by chance is not very nice, even if they were good.


I just checked your listing on web and app and neither of those shows those elements. Maybe they’re in the works or they’re just meant to be nudges for pet owners to include info on in their listings?

Great listing, BTW, with robust info.

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There is a marked difference in the pet section between the web and the app. Here’s the weird part. I never write stuff on the app. I handle my listing on the web. I had some vague memory of writing stuff about my pets, but then I never saw it on the web listing. There was some space on the web to write stuff next to photos, but that text doesn’t show up anyway. Because of this forum I just checked to see how things looked on the app. I found the old text I wrote when I opened my account about each pet! Here’s the thing. I have NO idea at all if sitters have read this app stuff. I’ve gone out of my way on listing on the web to also include some brief stuff about the pets. I also sit and I realize I never looked at the information on the app that is much more detailed than the details on the web. This is nuts. I mean there is an entire section that apparently gets filled in by HOs when they initially set up the listing but then it is only visible on the app and can only be changed/edited on the app. Very weird.

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We found those additions yesterday when we were tweaking our profile @CatsAndDog - the how many hours are you up for walking, are you a remote worker, can you look after a 40kg+ dog are the ones that stuck out! As you say, give us a heads up if you’re adding new fields :+1:t3:

I’ve had this issue too, with a potential sitter asking about a specific chicken, a cat no longer with us, etc. I haven’t been able to find it to fix it! I guess I’ll check my profile on my ancient laptop. So frustrating though.

Just saw @Crookie posting this in another thread. Although, for some reason, I didn’t have that specific question, nor was there any note.

After what you said @Cuttlefish, it does seem they are working on a system, that would somehow match HSs and Hos. But why on earth has this not been communicated with members?? @Angela_L do you have any more information on this?

Check on your APP. It’s not on the laptop even if that’s where you originally wrote it. I NEVER write anything on the phone and I actually remember writing about my pets. I believe this happened when I opened the account. So it was written “for” the website but I have no memory of whether or not it ever existed there as a section.

Also, I would really like to know, if the pet-parts of my WG are going to be public at some point? Will sitters be able to read them by cliking the pet picture on my profile, like it now appers to me on the app? Will I be informed about it, before it happens? Why is it, that at this point I can see the text but apparently sitters can not?

My WG is not written with that in mind, so I will have to edit the text, if that happens. Not a big deal, I have my own PDF-guide anyway that I use, but extra work that needs to be done.

@Angela_L @Jenny_V @Carla_C

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Hello @CatsAndDog

Thank you for starting this topic, it has raised some very good points and I have reached out to the Product team to find out more information for you all.

The product team are looking into making it easier for members to find the perfect listing or sitter match! Each member (sitter or owner) is very individual and has different sit requirements, by adding these questions to the listings and profiles the team is aiming to capture some very useful data.

Once the data is collected the team will look at how best to use this to help our members. It could help in the future to better match sitters and owners, some of the information could also be added to profiles or listings. For now, it is in the data collection phase and anyone happy to answer those questions will help towards future updates!

@CatsAndDog The welcome guide is also going to be looked into and along with this data collection there might be some future changes as to how the information is shown, but we will have future updates if that happens as it’s all very early stages. I will pass your feedback onto the team.

We are sorry that we did not manage to get this information out on the forum in time. You might have seen on recent posts that we are working on a dedicated product category with the aim of being ahead of the game and more transparent for future updates. We are working hard behind the scenes to make that happen and will have an update very soon for you all!

Thank you for bearing with us and any more questions please let me know and I will pass them on to the Product team after the weekend for you.


Thanks for the information @Carla_C ! I’m afraid getting the information on the forum is not at all enough, you need to get it to all members before you start. We’re members, but also paying customers.

Like now, the questions asked are not quite clear and not the most relevant. Like I had the one about how much my dog needs walking each day. Unless it’s also asked, how many walks and how long each of them takes, it’s not very useful. Our dog would have three 20 min walks, which is different than someone who has one 1 hour walk., but we both would answer 60 min.

Same with the question @Crookie had: how long can the dog be left alone. For us, 3-4 hours daily and 6-8 hour once or twice a week. If I’d put the first, sitters who’d like to explore the area more would not aply. If I’d put the latter, I’d attract sitters who’d like to go out every day.

So, you see not all the questions are as simple as one might think.


Hi @Carla_C - thanks for the info & update on some of these additions and new plans. I think the key issue is that every time an update is made it “creeps” into our profiles. No one is being told these things are coming or have been implemented. As paying THS customers we need to know. Maybe tech can send a monthly update footnote on Trusted Tales with what’s happened in the last 30 days? The comms are already going out so it’s no extra work. Additionally, perhaps a moderator shares that Trusted Tales on tech updates on the forum and then THS stands two chances of members seeing these changes and being less frustrated at being kept in the dark. Also simple and no extra work.


@CatsAndDog & @Cuttlefish Thank you for your replies and they have both raised some very valid points.
The Product team did mention that they may tweak some of the questions depending on what data came in, but you are right there are differences in how many times a dog needs to be walked versus how long for. I will pass this and your other feedback to the team.

The Trusted Tales is a great idea, I will pass the feedback along to the Marketing team.

Thank you both we appreciate your feedback on this :smiling_face:


“ better match sitters and owners…”

How exactly does THS match sitters to Home Owners, or home owners to sitters?

A home owner lists a sit, the lucky first five sitters get to apply.

No involvement from THS.

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I feel sometimes that I do not get notified of all new dates in my Saved searches. I once tested that with saving “UK” in my phone.

Maybe there is an algorithm at work there.

@Carla_C good afternoon, could I ask if it’s possible for someone from the Marketing Team to comment in the forum as to the possibility of approaching members to form a test group for when they are thinking of implementing new changes?

They have unlimited and invaluable research literally at their fingertips.

Thank you, Daisy.

Hello @CatStaff - Great question! Whilst you are correct the site does not just match you with one listing or one sitter. What it does do is have filter options to help show you the best matches for you according to those filters. The product team is looking to expand on that bringing more options and algorithms to find better matches in the future. Imagine being able to set much more defined preferences and then seeing only listings or sitters that matched those. Please keep an eye on the new product category as we will update you all there :slight_smile:

Hello @Daisy999 I am more than happy to help request that for you. I know that the company has used focus groups previously and this could be something we could help with on the forum for sure! I will pass that back for you, thank you for your suggestion!


I’m creating new listings for 2024 and wondered if anyone else has seen the new “preferences” feature? Since it’s not in the product updates, I’m assuming it’s yet another unannounced A/B test.

Wondering what this will mean from a sitter perspective, as I haven’t yet experienced any of these questions in filling out applications.


HO & sitter, here…Yeah, I don’t understand how they are used and on the sitter side there are alot of new preferences and they don’t show up on my sitter profile. Maybe they have plans for being able to search on them in the future?

From the sitter side the potential questions are very weird, imo. “How long will you plan on being away from the pets?” and “Can you meet in-person before the sit?” How…would I know this if I haven’t applied to a specific sit? I’d leave a cat all day but not a special needs one.

Who even knows anymore.


I wish that THS would flag the relevant sections of our listings if there are new questions to be completed. I know completing this information is optional, but I went into my listing and I would not have known that these new questions were there had I not read this forum post. Unless I opened each listing section (already a cumbersome UI), I wouldn’t have seen these additions