Homeowner welcome gifts

We have an extensive list for our sitters and we send it to them at least a couple of weeks before hand, and then have it available when they arrive. It includes stuff like dishes that can and cannot be put into the dishwasher, cleaning supplies to use etc. as well as extensive info about our very spoiled cat. We meet them and take them through the house showing them all they need to know and telling them about indoor plants that need to be watered and/or tended to. In addition, we leave them 1-2 bottles of wine, chocolates, a prepaid visa card and let them know that they can eat anything in the refrigerator, cupboards or our freezer. We tell them about neighbors to call for issues with the cat and/or house and let them know that they can eat at the clubhouse in our neighborhood. I feel that that is enough for a sitter. Am I wrong? Huxley


Wow, not wrong at all. All correct in my opinion. You are very considerate and generous in many ways. Any sitter would love to sit for you, including me!

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Why are you asking at the end of your post “am I wrong?”

Thanks for the confirmation.

I just want to make sure from sitters standpoint that we are either doing enough or not enough.

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More than enough!


Wow - you sound like the ideal homeowners to sit for! As a sitter, it’s such a nice gesture for homeowners to leave something - a bottle of wine is always appreciated by us vino lovers :slight_smile: I usually leave a homemade treat for homeowners who seem to appreciate that.


You are a wonderful HO. Above and beyond. Regardless of a HOs largess we always replace everything we use including perishables.