Hotel chain partnerships

Perhaps I’ve missed it, but does TH have a partnership arrangement with any hotels?

It seems like a lot of us have an opportunity to stay at a hotel for a day or two between sits, or for the convenience of arrival before an arranged sit.

Similar to a corporate discount code.

Would other sitters be interested in something like this?

would you like TH to arrange a discount code or hotel partnership?
  • Yes I’d like the option of a discount code
  • It doesn’t matter to me / I don’t use hotels
  • No, I don’t need to save money :smile:
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This poll will reveal the results when it closes in 2 weeks. Your vote is anonymous, but feel free to comment below if you have other ideas!

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Hi @MissChef
Agree seems to be a good opportunity for THS to have a strategic partnership with one of the big worldwide hotel brands.
As someone that helped brands create strategic partnerships, I’m sure a chain would be happy to reward THS and sitters for volume stays in their hotels.

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A good idea but for us it would have to be a budget chain.

Its pointless getting 20% off a £150 room when there is a regular priced £100 room in the hotel chain next door


Nothing stopping them having partnerships with a budget chain like travelodge and a more upmarket chain like Hilton so sitters can choose but I agree @Colin with what you say.
Getting a discount off a £500 a night room rate would be outside my budget.


Not saying it has to be limited to 1 chain, with the 70k people that are members, I’d think TH would be a dream partner for any hotel group.

Also, not everyone is seeking the cheapest hotel option all the time, so any discount on an upscale chain would be a welcome boon!

That is crazy! Did they give you a reason or was it just a spontaneous, “this is happening, deal with it” kind of thing?

Did you let them know it’s incurring an expense for you?

If so, did they offer to subsidize the cost because their change was not your fault and is costing you money?

If not, why not? Not trying to be confrontational about it, but that is not an insignificant amount of money to spend because of someone else’s capricious change of date.

I don’t want to believe that someone could be so callous and inconsiderate.

I’ve had a couple other annoying cancellations but on this one it was outside of their control. I didn’t ask for compensation and just told myself that not every sit will 100% go as planned. They are really nice folks so that helps

I like the idea @MissChef but I also like getting my loyalty points for hotels, airlines (everything really!) so could there be a double points option instead of the discount maybe? Or same points as the full price?

Or an AirBnB discount code maybe?

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Actually :joy: that’s double dipping.

But if there is a discount code for an aggregator like you could at least choose your favorite chain in the area.

I guess I missed the chance to vote. I find that Air BnBs are almost always cheaper than a hotel, so it doesn’t really matter to me. I can’t imagine I’d use hotels over Air BnB if I were stuck this way.

Because if I’m paying for it, I’m not also doing all the cleaning! Cleaning up after myself is reserved for TH and myself.

Off topic a little. But I use Bookings via the WayAway app these days to book most of our accommodation. I still get the Genius discounts of up to 20% PLUS a 10% Cashback. I’ve done a full case study on our blog showing the savings we made on our latest trip to India only staying in budget hotels. I won’t post the link here because its almost certainly against the rules but feel free to message me if you want more info.

Not sure what you mean. I don’t clean up after an Air BnB stay.

Most of the beat airbnbs I’ve stayed at, I have to strip the bed, collect the towels, take out the trash, clean up the dishes in the kitchenette, or else I get dinged with a penalty …even though they charge you a cleaning fee.

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@MissChef Agreed, we always clean up, empty the trash, strip the bed etc at the end of any Airbnb stay

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That all just seems so minor to me I don’t really consider it significant. Now, if I had to vacuum or mop, that would be another story…

And with most airbnbs there are some cooking facilities so no expensive restaurants

I’m a chef, so I don’t really cook when I travel unless I’m giving a cooking lesson.

I have occasionally stripped the beds at an AirBnb but more often do not. I’m being charged a cleaning fee! I’ve never been hit with any kind of penalty but I’ve found that AirBnb’s have become so expensive, I often prefer a hotel.