Survey question - would I recommend THS

I have just received a THS survey to answer. But I found one of the questions silly. I was asked if I would recommend THS to others - to which I gave my NOW answer of a firm no given the new overbooking rule, whereby sitters have no way of contacting owners if their available dates may have only been out by the odd day or so, and may have been able to help owners out.

However, I wasn’t asked how many people I had recommended over the past year, to which I would have answered 16 !!! Does anyone else think that both of those very crucial questions should have been asked?

If I had answered that survey a few weeks ago I would have definitely have recommended THS… I have, to 16 people !!!

Does anyone else think that question was a little silly without putting it into context given the new rule change? I was amazed I had to give an answer without THS delving any deeper.


The question regarding my satisfaction about “price I am paid per visit” had me stumped. :roll_eyes:

@Carla @Jenny do either of you have access to the survey? If so, please have a look as it has a number of questions that are totally irrelevant to members of THS.

Standby for a busy day mods once people see that the survey doesn’t ask pertinent or relatable questions.


I too was wondering about that question of being paid? I’m curious as to whether the survey was properly edited. I was baffled. I do also sit privately outside the site for locals and other people for which I’m paid, so I think that question should of been rephrased.


I concur with that statement


You’re paid in purrrrrrs, m’lady.

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I stopped after 3 or 4 questions as they were not relevant to housesitting and intrusive. I wonder what new changes are being planned? After being with THS for about 5 years I’m reaching a stage where I’m so fed up with the constant new rules that I may not renew again.




that was a really poorly designed survey. many of those questions needed a N/A option, and several needed comment boxes.

And it makes me think they’re planning on offering a bunch of unnecessary bells and whistles for more money. The survey shows they are competing against the paid sitter market, instead of the hospitality exchange market. That’s bad news.


Very intrusive questions regarding income and things like whether or not you have a mortgage on your house. Poorly constructed and edited. One question asks about the number of sits you have done over the last few years. The next question pulls in those numbers and asks for details only about your sits over the past year. There is no way to go back to a previous question to change an answer without starting the whole survey over.


@Southernsitter I agree with your comment about the survey being intrusive and quit filling it out when I got to the age question. Seems like they could query their data base to answer most of the questions, especially those about how many sits we have done.


Sorry, they ask what?! Asking about your mortage seems a bit off to me…

I personally don’t trust THS surveys after they did a survey to us HOs, which then led to the new pet centric sitter profiles.

Nothing in that survey indicated in any way, that they were developing a new profile lay out. If it would, I’d have answered differently. Now it seems they took our answers for questions like: “Which is more important for you, sitters back ground or their experience with pets”** and concluded we’d not be interested reading sitters introducing themselves.

** Not a direct quote, the question most likely was something like arrange the following statements from the most important to the least important. But this was the idea.


I guess THS knows how many people you’ve recommended

Some of the questions lead me to believe THS is going in a direction I’m not going to like. I almost didn’t finish it but I did. Why is THS asking about being paid? Also asked about tiered memberships, (pay more get priority to better sits.)
It was a very strange survey


Extremely poorly designed. A shame THS isn’t spending more time fixing the things we’re unhappy with


That seems like a classic question where different departments are working on separate things in silos and these departments don’t truly understand how THS works. So they either think sitters are being paid or they are planning to introduce paid sitters to compete with Rover.



That’s what it sounds like.


yeah, this survey seemed designed so that they can interpret the results to support the decisions they’ve already made regarding changes.


I was not able to complete the survey since a question would not accept 0 as an answer …
Q many times have you done x in the last year - answer 0 - you cannot proceed until you give a number other than 0

@Silversitters i was not able to complete it either. We are full-time sitter nomads and it didn’t like my numeric answers to duration of trips and total nights. THS clearly is not interested in full-time nomads so I gave up and deleted the survey.
@Carla do you know the purpose of this survey?


Gave up on this after a few irrelevant questions. My income has nothing to do with THS.