Survey rec'd today

Anyone else get a brief survey today by email?

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Not yet - don’t you just love another survey?


@HelloOutThere What is the survey about?

We are both HOs and sitters and haven’t received one.

No survey for us either & we also have dual membership

In the comment box I did address
Opt/in out features
Marketing the platform

I have 2 couple friends that retired but wont join due to the review process mainly. Done trying to talk them into it.

Ya know that 9 out 10 saying; they have no interest in being the 1.

The friends that recommended THS to us did so with a “*”
They had a sitter when they first joined that was not great.
So they are more savvy with “interviews” and always have a back up plan.

And we joined hopefully with a healthy perspective of excitement and savvy as sitters & HO.

(PS: I dont want to elaborate on their sitter from 2 years ago. It’s fyi for context.)


I just got one too. It is only one question with one answer box - so use the space wisely :slight_smile:

I responded that I had met some delightful pets and lovely owners (not parents) since joining and hoped that I would continue to do so despite the restrictive 5 applicant policy recently introduced.


In case anyone is wondering why this topic has been closed, the purpose of sending surveys directly to members is to get personal opinions. Discussing and sharing responses publicly can influence others and skew results, which really defeats the object.

Thank you.