New email requesting feedback

I have just found a survey email in my junk folder, asking me what rating I would give THS.
This then lead to a box for me to say why I gave this score.
This must be the opportunity to have your say on what you like/don’t like that everyone has been waiting for.
Check your junk folder and tell THS what you think

Are you sure it isn’t to leave a review of THS on Trust Pilot?
It can be misleading

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I’m absolutely sure.
Apart from anything else we haven’t just finished a sit!

I got the survey too. Its about communication regarding a sit. Whether the homeowner told you everything. Were there any surprises when you got there. Most of my feedback for that was fine because we are long time experienced sitters and we know the questions and issues to ask and clarify. It wasn’t until the last question where I took the opportunity to provide feedback about other things I feel dissatisfied with. The survey tried really hard not to allow an opinion on those other things but I gave them anyway. :slight_smile:

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This wasn’t the same one then, mine was totally unstructured “how likely are you to recommend trusted housesitters to a friend?”
Once scored just a box to say why you gave that score

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No, it’s definitely a survey @Twitcher for us to complete.


That’s the same survey I received @JackieX and I enjoyed completing it :wink:


Probably dare not send me one :joy:

I got the same, generic, one, and THS got an earful in my comments.

We also have not received this one , or the previous survey .

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I received the same survey as @Timshazz regarding the Welcome Guide, communication of the pet/home owner, etc. And I too gave a lengthy “Is there anything else” response.


On thé general subject of feedback, we sent a “not satisfied” reply to the last support help task. The new added field for 10 pets you’ve taken care of complete with breed, picture & whether you cared for it or was your own animal. Takes ages to do and then 8 out of 10 photos don’t upload. Reported it and was asked to find the photos and send them to support all named individually and they would do it. What a pointless task!! If the new function and fields don’t work, then don’t add them to our user profiles :rage::rage: #totalwasteoftime


@Cuttlefish I’m not sure if you are aware (and might be helpful for others to know) that the support replies scoring and feedback go straight back to the individual agent and to their score for dealing with that individual ticket.

I 100% agree if the agent does not do a great job rate them and leave feedback for the agent on how they can improve.

If the aim is to share feedback about a design feature or the company that is probably not the best way to do it as it won’t be seen outside of that system.

You can email your feedback to the agent and they can add it to the internal feedback thread so then it is seen company-wide. That way you will have better exposure for your feedback. It is good to make sure your feedback gets seen by the right people :slight_smile:

I think this thread is about a questionnaire that was sent to many members, that it was the one that I also answered recently. It was not about specific agents, it was about THS. I assume that results will be tabulated and that free-text replies will be summarized.

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@pietkuip Apologies for any confusion. My reply was a direct reply to @Cuttlefish comment here as that was about replying via the support help system. The rest as you said is a separate survey :slight_smile:

I can’t find this email in my inbox or junk folder. :frowning:

These surveys are not usually sent to everyone. You may or may not receive one. And there are often different surveys circulating too.

Yes @Carla_C - all done in exactly that form and have had another response asking for the said photos to be uploaded via chat as another alternative (also doesn’t work). Support are usually very good. My issue is don’t add function to profiles that isn’t tested, then ask for feedback when it doesn’t work and be surprised when the feedback is less than great. I’ve fixed the issue myself by saving, resizing and uploading the photos via laptop not phone. And replied again to the same member.

@Cuttlefish Thank you for your reply and yes I agree you definitely should be giving feedback if this feature is not working for you. I am sorry it was so hard to upload the photos. What a pain. I will make sure the feedback is in the internal feedback channel so it is seen by the wider company.