A Survey will be landing in your inbox soon!

Hello everyone,

We wanted to let you know that we will be sending a survey out to you in the next couple of days.

As experienced and knowledgeable THS members it would be great if you wanted to take part and complete the survey, although it’s not mandatory, so no worries if you would rather not take part.

If you are happy to complete the survey, as a thank you, you will be entered into a prize draw to win some Amazon vouchers.

A bit about the survey; it is for research purposes only and includes questions that reflect many ideas, which are purely hypothetical and do not necessarily reflect any changes that TrustedHousesitters is planning to make - we’re simply interested in hearing your initial thoughts and feelings at this stage.

There are a couple of free text boxes which is an ideal place to share your feedback and suggestions with the team.

It’s important to get your personal answers and views, so to ensure the validity of our research and testing process, we kindly ask that you keep the contents of this survey confidential and refrain from sharing your answers and details with others.

If you haven’t received the survey just yet, we will be sending them at staggered times. You will also need to check your email settings and make sure you are subscribed to these types of emails. Surveys can sometimes fall into junk or spam folders so be on the lookout.

Membership Services can help you if you need to resubscribe to your emails or need help with your email settings.

Your input matters, so thank you for taking part and sharing your feedback with TrustedHousesitters :smiling_face:


If the screenshot I just saw on another Facebook group is the latest survey…

Brace yourselves for another long thread!!!


Not if posts are deleted


Hi @RadarInc

Just popping on to clarify that we don’t delete posts unless they break our Community Guidelines :slight_smile:

As with other discussion posts about similar things, we do our best to give our Forum members a place to vent and discuss things, just as long as any replies are within the Guidelines.


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I don’t understand why you keep doing surveys but totally ignore the many complaints about changes that members aren’t happy with.


Excerpt from Community Guidelines:

"Topic/Post Content: Sometimes, for the benefit of our community, we might need to tweak a post or close it. This could be due to privacy concerns, offensive language, or if it’s flagged as inappropriate. If we do, we’ll let you know why and what changes we’ve made."

Yes, someone with a different opinion flagged my post, and you deleted it without a word of explanation. Is it all it takes? It is unclear to me why my post was deleted. Can’t we have different opinions?


Hi @RadarInc

If one of your posts was flagged and removed, it should only ever be because it broke one of our Community Guidelines. Generally, we should send a DM with a brief explanation if that happens.

I started at 9am BST and haven’t dealt with any flagged posts this morning so far, so I’d need to look into what’s happened.

In order for us to keep things on topic about the survey, either @Carla or I will get in touch with you via DM once I’ve had time to understand what’s happened.

Thanks for your patience in the meantime!


I just filled it out. Every move they’ve made in the last 2 years was leading to this!!!


Sorry. Deleted


@Silversitters . . . Ugh, I can see where this is heading. I haven’t yet received this survey.

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@Silversitters move the page up so you can see beneath the boxes with the options. I had a yes/no question right at the bottom. Possibly hidden by design???

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And we all know how that ended :joy:
Get copying those reviews


Hello everyone!

As we mentioned in the original post, we’d asked that you kept the details of the survey confidential, and don’t share your answers and details with others.

There’s been a few replies now where details and answers have been shared along with screenshots, therefore I’m closing the post for moderation.

We’re keen to make sure you’ve got a place to discuss the survey, but it does need to be within the boundaries mentioned.


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Hello everyone :wave:

Thank you for tagging me @Jenny :slight_smile:

The Forum team want to keep this thread open for general discussion as we understand the survey is something that members might like to talk about.

As Jenny mentioned we need to make sure the thread stays in line with our Guidelines and Posting terms as with any thread/comments on the forum and meets the boundaries in the original post.

Any comments outside of the above will need to be removed to keep the post on track for its intended purpose as per the original post.

We appreciate your feedback and contributions to this thread.

Thank you


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I just completed the survey and sincerely hope there will not be a tiered membership limiting the numbers of sits I can do in a year. I have been a member for several years, and this would be the final straw for me. You will only encourage people to arrange sits outside of the platform (easily done).


It wasn’t possible to complete the survey since it gave only 3 options , none were suitable so I couldn’t progress with the survey .

Since I haven’t been able to complete the survey I am not revealing my answers because I don’t know what the rest of the survey was about as I couldn’t progress beyond 3 unsuitable options .

I am happy with my current membership . However I wouldn’t pay any more for membership until the basic functions such as searching for sits , ability to message HOs and comms from THS are improved . Also better membership support such as a phone number for general help not just emergencies.


We just got our email survey…

If the survey is anonymous, how would one be automatically entered to win the Amazon gift card?

I mean, either the survey is anonymous OR they know who you are (so one can be entered into a drawing and possibly be sent a gift card).

Just wondering how that works??


@KenandMary1998 A very valid question! I will ask the team and get back to you :slight_smile:

@Carla We just finished the survey. On the final page is a chance to “Opt in” to the prize drawing.

But they don’t say what that entails BEFORE making the selection to opt in or not. In other words: It’s all a value proposition. What is one giving up by opting in for a chance to win a gift card? Why isn’t that explained so people can make an informed decision whether to opt in or not?

It seems as though if one opts in, one would lose anonymity.


@KenandMary1998 I have an update for you:

The team wants to emphasise that all responses are analysed in an aggregate system, including which respondents opt into the prize draw. THS will not be able to identify individuals. We need to get the best data and we can only do that if respondents feel that they can reply honestly, which is why we take the anonymity of the responses very seriously.

So the system will randomly choose the winners, but THS won’t see what survey that relates to.

I hope that helps clarify for you :slight_smile: