Product update - Member survey

Hello Forum Community

We wanted to give everyone the heads up about a Pet Parent/Owner and Sitter member survey that we are sending out via email to find out about our member’s general experience on the Trusted Housesitters platform over the last 6 months.

The survey will be going to Pet Parents /Owners who have posted a sit over the last 6 months and to Sitters who have applied for a sit over the same six-month period.

The purpose is to collect the most up-to-date data from members using the platform during this time. If you have done neither you will not receive the survey
If you do come into this category but have unsubscribed from emails you will not receive the survey.

The survey coincides with a platform change that we have made on pausing oversubscribed sits the purpose being to get feedback from the wider network and see if any themes occur. It will also be used as data research for other product developments,

This is a closed advisory and is not open for comments, the focus is on the survey where participants can share feedback.

The purpose of posting this message is to help ensure that everyone who can take part is aware and doesn’t miss the opportunity to complete the survey.

Thank you
Ben & The Product Team