"How Did We Do" E-Mail needs some work

I recently got an E-Mail from THS with “How Did We Do” in the subject line. When I opened the E-Mail, it read:
“We’re all ears! With your recent pet sit still fresh in your mind, now’s the perfect time to let us know about your experience with TrustedHousesitters. Sharing your thoughts is quick and easy, and your anonymous feedback helps us to improve future sits for you and your fellow members.”

However NO indication as to which sit the questionnaire is referring to. Guessing it’s one of two sits in the last month?

Booked a Christmas sit which was expensive to reach but we liked the location, home/pets looked lovely.
The HO cancelled after 1 day (for good reason) which resulted in us having to get a hotel last-minute & we were locked out of applying for other sits because THS had us as booked.
After a day of communication, happy to say THS DID change the sit dates which freed us to find an alternative (but which required a last-minute fight as there were no sits near the original one.)
Two problems:
(1) NO way for me to know from this E-Mail WHICH of those two sits this E-Mail questionnaire covers!
1st sit was (to say the least) extremely stressful, not only because of the cancellation, but because the HO didn’t do an adequate job of prep in several ways.
2nd sit was wonderful: lovely home, lovely pet, lovely HO. Very happy.
(2) THS said they would follow up on what happened with 1st Sit but it’s 4 weeks later, no follow up.
Suggest that THS amend this “How Did We Do” E-mail asking for feedback to make clear what experience they are asking about!

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THS are seeking feedback about them not the sit i.e. your experience using the website or app, membership services (if applicable), review system etc. Be honest with your feedback!

Thanks, didn’t really realize that! But I’m flummoxed on them asking for feedback when they didn’t follow up…

Then that’s the feedback you give them @ASASG!!


@ASASG if you haven’t heard back - chase member services for an update .