Change to giving feedback

I hope this isn’t being overly picky. I just did feedback for a house sit and noticed that the way to give feedback has changed. Now you have to choose the level of stars first before writing the feedback. What I used to do was write the feedback first and then choose the level of stars to give. I did it this way to ensure that what I wrote didn’t get accident submitted; the stars were chosen right at the end to prevent any mishaps. Now I feel I have to be extra careful that I don’t accidentally hit submit by mistake.
Thank you!


The other change I noticed when giving feedback yesterday is that - on the web version- its now 5 stars like for sitters reviews rather than 5 green thumbs up. But on the app its still 5 green thimbs up?!? A little inconsistant! & its a pity they didn’t add a few categories to rate hosts while they were at it!! :thinking:


Sounds totally confusing. I wrote feedback a few days ago and it all seemed normal.

Are you sure you are actually providing Feedback on the THS platform or was it on Trustpilot?

When sent an email post sit the other week, it was requesting Feedback, but it directed me to Trustpilot which collect reviews for THS, not the specific sit.

You need to go into your dashboard and click the drop down arrow by your profile photo and scroll down to Feedback. That will take you to where you provide Feedback for a specific sit.

Had no issues last week and it was the same process as previous.

Hi there, yes, it’s the feedback for my house sit.

Looks like the change is very recent. I just saw it when giving feedback 2 days ago.

I thought this was fixed… did it get UN-fixed?

@MissChef You are correct it was amended :+1:
It directs you to read your review & leave feedback at the top of the email and then Trustpilot further down. There are 2 separate links in the email. Hope that helps clarify things :grin:

But the link to Trust Pilot is in much larger writing than the link to read your review and leave feedback @Carla_C!!


Hi @temba Thank you … Carla is off line for the rest of the weekend and so I will pick this up and forward your feedback to the CRM team

I agree with you @Rhonda , I have noticed this change over the past 2 sittings and it would be easy to hit submit by mistake
Why oh Why do THS keep changing things that worked perfectly before?


I have just done the very same thing minutes ago I am used to going along the thumbs up sign until I reached the required one I need. I pressed the first one and low and behold Ive given a 1* star to a 5* sit. Im literally mortified and now need help to have it changed before the pet parents are shocked. Why THS are always tampering with this website is beyond me.

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@Poppy47 I have asked Membership Service to reach out and rectify this for you and I have passed the feedback onto the product team. Thank you for reaching out.

@Lokstar I think this is just the very first stage of updating the review and feedback system and adding owner categories I am pretty sure is in the pipeline so please watch this space!

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Hi there,
We just completed a 5 week pet/house sit in France (our very first with THS) and came home to write a review. Before logging onto the site I noticed a email request for a review and immediately and enthusiastically completed it. BUT it seems I reviewed the home owners on Trustpilot only. Very confusing for newbies as I’ll now need to get Trustpilot to delete the initial review that is not relevant to THS.
A suggestion. If THS want a review of their procedures, maybe that should be done on application/registration and not after the first sit?
Just a thought.

Hello @Chrisles and a very warm welcome to TrustedHousesitters and to the Community Forum. Congratulations on completing your first sit and thank you for joining in with this thread

For reference you can also add your TrustedHousesitters profile on to your Forum profile by following the attached link, should you wish. This will then enable others to offer you helpful advice and feedback.

If you are unsure how to do this, or if you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to ask, we are all more than happy to help.

Also, remember you can use the spyglass symbol at the top of the page next to the TrustedHousesitters logo and search for any questions that you may have as they have most likely already been answered on here and of course if not then please just ask!

I have attached a thread below, it would be great if you could join in with this as we think you could offer great feedback and your input would be a great addition :blush:

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@Chrisles This issue has been of concern to fellow members and brought to THS’s attention. I, too, received that same email yesterday having received another 5* review. Asking sitters to go to their Dashboard, read their review then give feedback to owners is in small print, compared to the large and bold print asking for a review of THS on Trustpilot. Still very underhanded by THS!

Sneaky tactics like this are not generating goodwill among the sitters and homeowners, yet they persist.