House sits with no dates?

There are often tempting house sits on the site, in the country you wish to visit, but they are accompanied by the words ‘There are currently no dates for these sits? What is the point of them then? I’m not sure you can even contact the owners to say you are interested…

Hi @Lozza
Thank you for your question. Whilst you cannot email and apply to homeowners who do not have dates, you can ‘Favourite’ them. When that particular homeowner puts up new dates, you will immediately be notified on the App of their new dates so you can then apply.
If you go to the search glass at the top right hand side on this webpage, do a search for Favourites and you can read all the relevant threads regarding this feature.


Bookmark the desired sit, you’ll get a notification once the listing goes live.

And when you are notified of a favorited sit note that you may need to look at the dates and apply within seconds as you will be competing with fast sitters to get your application in before the limit of 5 applications per sit is reached! You will, at times, be notified of a sit opportunity only to find that you missed the brief application widow, please do not be frustrated by this, it is all part of being a successful sitter!

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Ok, that’s very helpful, many thanks Therese!

@Lozza please note those ‘Magical Words’ - on the app. This is an important detail. I never use the app as I don’t find it particularly user friendly. I only use the website to browse for sits, hence I never get notifications when I mark anything as a favourite … it’s quite annoying.

Thank you for the tip!