Housesitters Travel Realities

Usually departures are fine, but still allow 2 hrs prior just in case.

I’ve flown through Lisbon three times this year and had no problems.

Flying into Toronto last week was a whole other story though lol… Held for an hour on the plane before they even let us go to customs, which was busier than I’ve ever seen it!

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Pre flight COVID test passed, I feel like I’ve won the lottery.

Glasgow airport was incredibly busy, no operational information though, not much use if you are about make your way there.

I might know more tomorrow (Friday) when I finally fly … one thing I do know airport hotel occupancy is running at 100%, it was impossible to get a room and rates have gone through the roof.


Yes the rates are outrageous. We are rapidly becoming airport sitters!

I had a very reasonable nonstop flight to Frankfurt for a petsit in Neustadt an der Aisch, near Rothenburg. Fantastic! I rented a car and had a great time driving. Fahrvergnügen. Lol.
The night before my 10 am flight home I returned the car and I stayed at a hotel in the airport. More expensive than going into Franfurt but the convenience was worth it for me… I took the S Bahn
from the airport into to Frankfurt for dinner and a look-see. 10 euro RT . 15 minutes each way.

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This weekend (June 3)

Glasgow airport manic with long lines for security, give extra time
LHR (Heathrow) T5 same - give extra time

LAX 7.30 pm Friday - practically empty … through Border Control in 10 mins
Baggage: Extra long delivery

LAX 10.30am - Domestic incredibly busy - extra time

San Diego early afternoon average traffic.


How was the airport in terms of crowds and security lines? We will be transiting in a week.

It was not crowded and I went through security at a normal speed. No delays. There was another passport check after security and before the gates. So if you see another line that’s what that’s about.
Arriving in Frankfurt there was a delay in checked bags getting to baggage claim.

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We flew Frankfurt to Seville today. Frankfurt was pretty busy and it took about 30 min to get through security. We had a passport control check immediately after deplaning ( which was very unusual), but I think there was some extra luggage that triggered a security check. Another passport check when we arrived at Terminal 1. No COVID or vaccination check of any kind. Lufthansa still requires medical grade masks on all their flights.
We wanted to explore Seville a bit more, but there a heat wave and temps are 41-44C the next few days. :flushed:

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We traveled through Frankfurt last month, and had the same odd double checking through customs. We always try to pick long layovers when possible, and thank goodness we did. We are just happy our luggage had been checked through to our final destination, so it made the process easier. Our only flights in a 5 month journey, so pretty smooth for us. Gotta love those cruises, trains, buses and car rentals to navigate overseas!