Housesitters Travel Realities

Second time in less than 3 weeks Gatwick is my layover haven :grinning:
Just flew in from Spain after two consecutive sits and have 6 hours before a coach ride then train ride to Church Stretton.
People and pets need me!
Not my first rodeo here. I know all the cool spots to catch a decent rest, toilets, charging stations and places to eat🥳
Life is glamorous :wink:
Share your layovers, stopovers whilst traveling to and from sits.


Hope you have a fabulous time. :grinning:

I look forward to my next trip to the UK and do house sitting and look forward to getting tips and advice.


Safe travels @Amparo
Have you experienced any delays or cancelations? I saw that posted a few days ago and it got me a bit concerned if 2 hrs is enough layover time.

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Can’t see your link but have had no major delays, a few minutes here and there which is normal. A two hour layover is plenty.
My overnight stay overs and travel are deliberately planned that way to get me when and where and stay in flow.

I am having a lovely time on the train now.

My best advice is be open and flexible to the new unexpected experiences.


What a great post! If anyone would like the inside info on the labyrinth that is Munich Franz Joseph airport, I’m your woman!


Was the airport as bad as portrayed in the news? Queues, no staff, crowds of angry travellers?

No more than usual crowds, no angry anyone.
People seem happy actually @ElsieDownie, excited to travel. Lots of families and laughter. Even the business travelers were joshing with their cohorts.
On the flights people were civil, polite and friendly.
On this last flight no one jumped up to grab their bags when the flight landed! I was so impressed. The attendants called out rows of those that could disembark (Vueling). Staff was exceptional.


Great to hear. Another press exaggeration then. Have a great time in the old country.


Have you been to Church Stretton before @Amparo ? It is just up the road from us and is a lovely town…….


@ElsieDownie we flew BA from Gatwick to Mexico last Thursday and it was all absolutely fine. No delays, no long queues, no angry travellers… in fact, with the mask mandates gone in UK it was just like the old days at the airport and on the flight. Like @Amparo said, it was all very civilized, with happy chatty travelers, lots of laughing smiling kids (half term hols) and quite a relief tbh as I was expecting worse :slight_smile:

I did see some news reports of two airports in Europe (one in UK) with horrendous queues but I think the media just jump on any unusual situation and sensationalize at moment as clickbait.


I know that Dublin airport has awful problems. It was fine when I left in the afternoon last week, but queues in the morning have been hours long. A family member saw the security lines extending outside the airport this week :open_mouth:

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I’m flying from Glasgow to LHR - LAX on Friday (Heathrow - Los Angeles) my main concern is a negative COVID result tomorrow in Glasgow …

Watch this space … Will she, wont she?


Apologies everyone for the previously broken link. This is a working link for the massive delays at the Lisbon airport.

As far as UK airports over the weekend Gatwick, Manchester and Bristol faced the most problems.

We flew Delta last week Seattle to Paris on a fully packed plane but without any delays.

Been to Shopshire, Shrewsberry but not Church Stretton and absolutely agree! It’s stunning!
And this home , outdoor living spaces and family are unique and very special!
Have to say I see a huge WOW and 5 plus stars :sparkles: are shining ahead!
Animals made me all misty…
Watch this space :partying_face:

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That was a concern for me flying back to the US last week. A US friend tested positive after a few days in Ireland, and couldn’t fly back to the US. She had to stay another 10 days in Ireland. It cost her a lot of money, and was hugely inconvenient, of course.

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Hi @Lassie I have friends from LA stuck in a hotel in the UK for the past two weeks, unable to fly back to LA due to COVID. They were in my home two weeks ago for the day, Brian would have been contagious, along with my granddaughter who unbeknown to us had scarlet fever … if I’m clear (and I’m sure I am) I dodged two highly contagious bullets,


Would you be interested by news informing you that trains and planes arrived in time? Press focuses on “events”…

Lisbon is notorious for long immigration lines. Thankfully I am a resident and can avoid those lines. This report was probably last Friday when SEF (immigration dept) striked during the Friday morning commute. Heard there were lines almost 4 hours long to get through :slightly_frowning_face:


Hi there, Are the delays in Lisbon only for arrivals or do they affect departing passengers as well?

@Silkypaste according to this article non-Shengen arrivals were the most impacted