Housesitting is a mutual exchange

A house owner who is not interested in someone who only cares about sightseeing and cats secondary.surely it can be both,it’s a mutual travel to a different country by plane and not sightsee. I’m glad I have had great house owners who have encouraged me to go out and enjoy their country.and know I will still take great care that their pets are well looked after.I’m a solo travelling lady so most evening I’m cuddled up with their pets.but some hours in the day are free to see what delights their home town is like.


For me the pets should always come first, but obviously I also want to explore new areas/travel. With cats that’s easy, if I’ve got dogs I try to take them exploring with me as much as possible if they’re able to. Like you I’m a single, mature sitter and have also had some lovely owners who have positively encouraged me to sightsee and most have compiled files of places of interest. It can all be done


Yes definitely easier with cats but to say you have to be there all day.maybe better for people still working from there computers.I have looked after dogs and cats and they are always my priority.but I need my time as well .I have paid a lot to travel to them so I want to explore the place I have owners need to realise this to.and most do. It’s just when I read these house owners who expect you to be there 24/7 I bet they themselves are not.

Hi @Genevere,
I think the title of your post accurately describes what many sitters are seeking: a fair balance of pet care and local exploration. It also highlights the necessity for thorough communication between HO and sitter so there are no disappointments on either end. We encourage such details be shared in the initial listing to give potential sitters the option of applying or not, depending on the requirements around staying at home should that be of concern.


Yes thank you it has to be a fair balance .my last sit had fabulous neighbours who had keys to house and were well used to stepping in when I wanted to explore the city.I had two lots of neighbours with spare keys that I could turn to for everything.I was thoroughly spoiled by my house’s great when it all works out. But some house owners need to realise it’s not all about them it’s a mutual exchange .sitters have a right to enjoy there time away also.

Once we did a glorious sit in Normandy with 1 dog, 2 cats, 5 chickens, a duck, a donkey and 2 pigs. The HO had the most comprehensive instructions so that we were able to finish feeding and all our duties within 40 minutes. And we were encouraged to see the sights (Omaha Beach etc.) which we most certainly did #mutualhappiness


Oh my well done I could never do that on my own. Cats mostly for me or small dogs or certain breeds of dogs like labs or retrievers.not fond of birds maybe donkeys or horses are lovely.

This speaks again to the point that there is (or isn’t) something for everyone.

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Then you don’t apply to those ones