How bad is bad ( another dirty house saga)

Hello Silversitters

Many thanks for your kind reply and advice. I hope the following will answer your query :slight_smile:

  1. When I sent a message to the homeowner I did assure them that I would not abandon their pets - which I would never do, under any circumstances. I love animals and would never do anything to hurt or distress them. 2. Yes, the homeowner is paying for the cleaner. He is contacting his brother to see if his cleaner can come round. My friend has been with her hoover as I was having breathing issues with the state of the carpets. She hoovered while I was walking the dog. There is a professional oven cleaner booked and that will be paid for by the homeowner. The homeowner did apologise when I arrived that he had been unwell for a few days and hadn’t cleaned the house, so I feel he knew that it was not good. I only had time to unload my car before he wanted me to give him a lift to the train station - which I did not mind doing - and only really saw the place on my return.

I have looked at the Welcome Pack for my next sit and there are interior photos in that. I have checked all my other sits that are booked and feel confident that they are all acceptable. Phew! But all experiences contain useful lessons.


People can be disgusting - you are not overreacting, it seems.