How can I add more fotos in my profile?

Does anyone know how I should attach the link and add more photos to my profile? Thanks a lot!! :grin:

Hi @P.S2022 … quick question, are you talking about your forum profile or your main house sitting profile on the THS platform? Let us know and we’ll guide you through this.

Hi! I am talking about my forum profile. Thank you!!

Hello again @P.S2022 - Unfortunately there isn’t much else you can do to add pictures in your forum profile but you can add a link to your main website profile which will provide a link through to all the pics you have there, for people to view.

And of course, in a topic, such as an introduction thread you can upload images there too. If you create an intro post, you could add the link to that in your forum profile too as you’ve done with another thread.

Here are the instructions for adding a link in your profile.

Hope that helps, all the best, Vanessa

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Hello Vanessa!
Thank you very much for all the information. With everything you are helping us it is much easier to understand how the page works. :blush:

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