Contacting people who post on the forum

I’ve read a few posts by sitters who sounds as though they might be perfect to cat sit for us - is there a way of looking at their profile (mainly for their whereabouts) or should I message direct?
Many thanks

Some sitters add a ink to their THS profile on their forum profile. If you click on their name here, you will see a link (if they’ve added it - click on my name and you can see what it looks like). If not, you would have to private message them on the forum.

HI @Pushkina as @Kelownagurl says you can make use of the Direct Message option, if the member has uploaded their THS profile on their forum profile.

Contacting sitters directly can be done via your account on the website.

How to link forum to your pro

Are you asking how? If so, here’s a link.