How can the HO best prepare for the housesitter - cleaning, clearing out space, etc

I think sitters tend to travel very lightly so don’t need much space. A drawer, a hanging rail, and some space in the fridge/freezer.
There is definitely no need to de-personalise but I would put away anything of particular value to avoid any accidental damages.
Don’t make inviting a sitter to your home hard work for yourself and save your shed for your spades!


I disagree with not needing much space. Unless we go abroad, we travel by car and pack the boot full. We like to be comfortable.


Wow @CambridgeAnnie, I’ll be right over! :laughing:


Being organised and fitting a round peg in a square hole … graduated with honors. but I didn’t take the “travel light” exam @Colin in fact when we arrive at a sit by car and our departure point was home, we never unpack until the owners have left, they might think we were never leaving!!

Like most sitters, I appreciate clean and tidy and an owner who cares and shows consideration and in my 12 years of pet and housesitting I’ve found that most do.


@Itchyfeet @Angela-CommunityManager - my mistake :rofl:

When we gave up our permanent address we whittled two triple wardrobes down to one large suitcase ( to the delight of Oxfam!) … At the time we thought we may have been too ruthless but to be honest, after ten months travelling we are now thinking we could reduce more. Ideally, I would like us to get down to a large backpack each - watch this space!


As many other sitters have said @CambridgeAnnie it’s difficult to write a negative review. We did have a handover with the owner on their return and mentioned the lack of towels. they presumed we would bring our own, but assured me the next sitters will . didn’t mention the soap, thought it was too petty.


@Angela, I had to laugh when I read this. I also bring a large load of stuff when drive to a sit. And I also try to wait until the HOs leave to bring in all of it because all my bags of food, supplies and cooler take over house! It can be embarrassing. :laughing:
@Colin , I can only aspire to your level of efficiency!


Random thoughts:
No need to de-personalize, just leave enough space as you would for any guest.
it’s nice to have a place to put clothes and bathroom items. Basically, the theme is to think through what the sitter is likely to be doing in the home.

  1. It’s nice to have empty dishwasher, since sitter may not know where everything goes.

  2. Washer free of personal items, if it’s something sitter is permitted to use, or required to use for washing sheets.

  3. It’s nice to have at least one clean, available surface for work and/or eating.

  4. Make it easy to clean up (broom, clean vacuum, supplies)

  5. Adequate supplies for pets.

  6. Reasonably clean litter box.

  7. Clear instructions – take the time to do at least a one-sheet.


Thank you I am not alone … a back pack would barely hold my toiletries :slightly_smiling_face:


@mars @Angela-CommunityManager @Itchyfeet When doing sits by car, I, too, have it well packed and usually wait until owners have departed before unpacking! There’s always bags of groceries, esky with cold food in it, own pillow, sometimes a bag with cleaning essentials, not to mention the cases. The next sit will be interesting as it starts 24 hours before owners leave so the car will have to be unloaded!!!


All sounds very familiar! We usually travel with a car full. UK climate means pack everything from sunglasses and shorts to wellies and a hot water bottle :joy:.
We wait until the HO have left before unpacking but if staying overnight before they leave we just take in the bare essentials and keep chilled food to a minimum. We unpack the next morning - the neighbours must think we are moving in for good.
We really appreciate hanging and drawer space but always ask if it is available beforehand as we have a portable garment rail we can bring.


I like to unload car after they have left if possible. Otherwise, they could pick up one of your cases/bags in error and it could end up 3000 miles away !

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WOW​:open_mouth: now I feel short changed! None of that on my current house sit, not even clean towels - I had to wash them first. Can you add me to your list? :joy:


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