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I’m preparing for my first sitter at the end of April. My pets are laid back and chill so that’s the area that I’m the least worried about. I want to make sure that each sitter is comfortable and provided for. What are items/preparations that are helpful/beneficial for sitters?

Hello @legendvictoria & welcome - if you use the spyglass at the top of the forum page there are loads of threads and lots of advice on what sitters like. Here’s one below to start you off

Most common requests are a clean home, comfy bed, good towels, warm welcome, a few goodies and you should be pretty covered! #rockstarsitterstatushere


Yes, there are many threads here that should help you. I will add:
*a good, complete Welcome Guide (if you haven’t sent it to your sitter already)
*room in the closets/drawers for their personal items
*room in the refrigerator and freezer for their food items
*agreement on a reliable channel of communication that you both will use while you’re gone and how often you expect updates
*a good supply of pet food that won’t run out while you’re gone
*an empty dishwasher (a pet peeve of mine – arriving to a dishwasher full of either dirty or clean dishes because I have no idea where the items should be stored)


Thank you @Cuttlefish I appreciate your suggestions and will check out previous threads. :blush:

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Your suggestions were so helpful! I added the fridge/freezer space to my preparation and purchased a portable set of drawers specifically for sitters because my space is limited. I’m pretty sure these suggestions helped me win over a very seasoned couple that sits regularly.

Thank you!