How do we respond to posts about pausing test that is closed

You can’t. You have to make a new post - like this - and then it will be moved to the closed thread. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


@Wetravel Thank you for your contribution to this topic. I think to answer your question there has been extensive discussion on this topic and much of the same feedback has been covered during these discussions. All of this feedback has been valuable and has been passed on to the product team. Any new threads are then merged into the original topic to keep it all in one place on the forum for other members and the product team to access and read. If you look on the thread you are likely to find that your feedback around this has already been covered, so by liking the post it will give the product team an idea of how many people are agreeing with that particular feedback. In the event that your feedback has not been covered then we can merge your post into the thread for others to see and like. We want to keep the thread clear and useful for other members and the product team. If you have new feedback please let me know and we can merge a post for you into the current thread.
Best wishes Carla



Thanks for your reply.

In looking over the most recent post which have been moved to the closed pausing test post, there are numerous ones from members who are still not aware of the new policy and are attempting to comment on it and get some feedback from other members.

Accordingly, it would seem inappropriate for members to not be able to respond.


@Wetravel It also means the many who are apparently benefiting from this change cannot respond to those of us that aren’t and tell us why it’s so wonderful. I really want to hear from this majority that are so silent.


Great point, but members that would like to share the benefits they are finding to the pausing applications can also post and we will merge these to the thread for everyone to see.

Here is Angela’s original post about closing the topic: Conclusion Of Pausing Application Test - Updated Post - #1308 by Angela-HeadOfCommunity


You are most welcome and we definitely do not want members that are unaware of the change to miss out, but they can read the thread and there is a wealth of answers and views on there that should keep them updated. As mentioned members have covered such a range on there that most answers should be available and if they need any more help they can reach out to Membership Services who can assist, or we can add a post to the thread for them.

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@Carla_C If it was the case that ‘we definitely do not want members that are unaware of the change to miss out’, then a simple way to remedy that would be a mass emailing dedicated to this feature only, to notify all members, and include a link to membership services for a feedback option.

A mass mailing to all TrustedHousesitters members - all 144+ thousand of them. The forum, keeping in mind it is also open to non-members, represents less than 6% of the membership.

If TrustedHousesitters thinks this pausing is such a wonderful new feature, many members who disagree are wondering why this hasn’t been done. If it is truly good news for members, surely TrustedHousesitters would want it shared with everyone?


Seems like a bit of a Catch 22 here.

You say the members experiencing positive results and happiness with the 5 app pause “can also post”.

Where would they post those positive comments?
The obvious place would be in a topic about the 5 app pausing policy.

Where are they unable to post?
In the topic about the 5 app pause policy.

Sure, they could post their comments about the 5 app pause in a different topic and have it moved to the closed topic but does that really make sense?

Whether positive or negative, as there continue to be posts about this which are moved into the closed topic, it is evident that all questions have not been answered.

Members should be able to post and respond in a properly related topic.

As the “test” is concluded and you “don’t want members that are unaware of the change to miss out”, perhaps this might be the time to make a new topic such as “Feedback on the five application pause”. That way all comments would be current and related to the implemented policy as it is actually working.


Those in favour must be a shy lot.
Yes I have an issue with the 5 application limit but it now seems to be a done deal.
What I do object to is not advising all members by email about the significant change to their membership.
Burying it in a newsletter that many do not read just isn’t good enough.
THS felt it appropriate to use email several times around Xmas and New Year to communicate the membership offers and discounts.
Why not use it to share the good news and benefits of the 5 application limit. Better late than never.


Thank you @Snowbird & @Twitcher I will pass this feedback on regarding the email.

Don’t hold your breath @Twitcher I been asking for an email blast on this from the very beginning. But nooo, no, nup, THS won’t do that as they think everyone will see it in the fluffy newsletter that has different content depending on your country of origin which is not read by everyone. Don’t know why they won’t do an email blast if it’s such a great thing. :frowning: 5, 4, 3, 2, 1


@Wetravel Thank you for the further feedback, as mentioned should anyone like to post regarding their experience with the pausing applications we will merge it into the existing thread for all members to see. I will also pass your feedback on regarding a new topic.

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Funny how the newsletters include a post about what members are discussing on the forum, but that has never been the 5-app rule, despite the thousands of comments on that topic. It is so obvious that THS wants to hide this change, because it is contrary to members’ interests - but must be beneficial to THS profits.


Yes @Lassie it must have increased membership and therefore profits.
The advertised membership has jumped from 120K to 144K+ ‘Happy Members’.
If they add in the unhappy members the number should be significantly higher.
Negativity is frowned upon but facts and negativity are two totally different things.


A very good point


I want to take a moment as a sitter myself to perhaps give another perspective as I do completely appreciate your concerns, but I also want to give some balance and maybe some reassurance to everyone. Plus you asked for a different perspective so I am glad that I can help.

Yes, I work for THS, however, I have housesat long before joining (I used to get paid to housesit horses and farms) I also left THS after my pup passed away and travelled and then unexpectedly returned so in that time away I too was a sitter not working for THS. I am now based in the USA, fairly near NY.

I have applied to NY city before the new rule and I have waited in a list of 30-plus applicants and never got a reply or was picked, just the way it goes for me I guessed at the time.

So, my husband and I just decided last week that we really should book some sits and explore the area a bit, plus I hate being without my dog and we just finished fostering.

For context, I have 9x 5 star reviews and do not mention in my application that I work for THS or sometimes do not mention it at all during the whole process (too much pressure and doesn’t change my sitting ability!)

We spent the last week applying to sits and have secured some in NY state, PA and Washington DC. With some lovely pets, homes and owners. We have a few more things to finalise, but now have 6 booked until July and only got turned down for one.

Yes, I missed some sits we liked the look of but that just lead me to others. I am being open and honest as a fellow sitter on the platform as whether you think the changes have been good or bad, there are still sits available and yes there may be new changes and new things to consider, but there are still a lot of good things happening and good sit out there.

I am opening up as a sitter myself and sharing my true experiences. It may be different from your own and I respect that. Mainly I just want to share that however unsettling or bad it may be viewed there is still the very real opportunity of getting sits and very good sits.

Thank you for reading this and I am glad that I can share my experiences with the community. Do I feel a little vulnerable talking about my own personal experience - very much yes, but if it helps then I am happy.

Best wishes Carla.


Thank you @Carla_C for your thoughts on the subject and congratulations on having sits lined up in your chosen areas.
I really don’t know if I have been affected by the new rule. I do see listings that are already reviewing applications and there may be many more that I do not get an opportunity to see at all.
I would suggest that when such major changes are in the pipeline that a large cross section of members are consulted in an open and transparent way. Once the decision has been made it is only fair that all members are advised.


@Twitcher Thank you so much for your encouragement. I will keep you all posted as to how they go! This is excellent feedback and I will certainly make sure it is seen and passed on as with all of this feedback.

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Hello, @Aristocat I am sorry that has been your experience. We sometimes see sits like this but as mentioned I have found some wonderful sits, so please keep looking as there are opportunities. Where are you looking to sit?

As a new member you can add the link to your TrustedHousesitters sitters profile to your forum profile, and then community members can help you with feedback and tips.

Best wishes Carla.