Why are our posts being shut down

I contacted TH directly who told me to post again here on the forum because I said the issue of the 5 paused sits had been shut down.

So here I am.

I have been on alternate Facebook groups and nowhere is anyone happy with the change.

Why is TH not addressing the harm caused to so many owners AND petsitter’s with a change they did not consult us about or even inform us of.

This is unethical.

To make a major platform change when users subscribe to one plan is unacceptable.

Is TH refunding original members or providing cheaper membership? I’ve already dissuaded people from joining because of this. And whilst TH may experience a brief uptick in revenue due to new members accessing site they will lose long term memberships. This change says everything about how we are valued.

Which is to say not at all


Hi @RynMara
I will be redirecting your post into the paused application post, as this is the thread that is being monitored by our product team. Your feedback will be taken into account.

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