Moderators closing topics after one or two posts, serioiusly?

What has become of THS? I was just looking at sits for over Thanksgiving and I did absolutely notice that the sitter feedback only shows how many stars they left and the dates they sat. You were unable to read what they wrote about the sit itself, house and/or pets. I would NEVER apply for a sit without knowing what other sitters say about it. So I came to the forum to see if it was mentioned and it had been mentioned by one sitter member, and immediately replied to by Moderator Karen with a “it is a system bug” and then immediately closed the thread. So what if it isn’t fixed immediately or what if this is just more of THS B.S. to its members. Honestly, my membership is to renew soon, but it seems each month there is a decline in the platform. How can we choose without the sitter’s feedback. I’m sure this will be moved to the other thread that no one can reply to. Good luck sitters!!!

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@trekker954 , closing the thread is usually done to keep all related comments together so they can be easily searched. After your comment was placed in the relevant topic, there was no need to keep the “duplicate” topic open.

Yes, it’s annoying that the site and app are still not working.

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Hello @trekker954 There have been a few different posts on the platform regarding this issue with the threads then closed because they are merged in to one to make it easier on the platform for everyone to find. It is currently being looked in to by the Tech team so hopefully it will be fixed very soon and you will then be able to see once again the feedback left for the HO by previous sitters.
Please see the post attached below titled “Glitch in Reviews and Favourites” for the latest update. Hope this helps.

Glitch in reviews and favorites


Hi @trekker954. My apologies that my reply came across poorly. This is a big issue, especially given that so many people are looking to arrange holiday pet sits at this time. The tech team has been working on resolving this since it was reported a few days ago, so we are expecting it to be corrected soon.

The reason for pointing people to the original conversation and/or merging new comments into the original thread is to keep all the conversations together. That way, everyone will see the same updates as they’re made. And people are able to continue adding to the original thread, so the conversation isn’t being stopped, just all kept together.

Again, I’m sorry if I came across poorly.

apologies, I did not find the merged posting. Usually there is a link in the closed thread. I will go back and look for it. Thank you.

@trekker954 - The thread which all the other threads about the review problem have been merged with is here -

Hi @trekker954 with respect and apologies if the merging wasn’t clear. We will now close this post to avoid confusion …

We “manage” posts so that our members can find what they are looking for quickly often when a thread gets long or a subject gets duplicated it is difficult for members to find what they are looking for.

Thanks to @mars @Samox24 @Andrew and @Karen-Moderator for giving a fellow forum member a helping hand.

The related topic is here >>>

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