How do you close a posting for a sit?

Hello… I have a live posting for which I’ve received 5 applications ( the listing show 0 -3 applications.) How do I pause the posting while I review and chat with these applicants?
I’ve responded to each application confirming receipt. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time in them making an application as I’m very satisfied with the ones already received.

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Hi @Manunited You can often find good information by using the help section on the THS website. I just searched and found this:

How do I pause my dates to stop new applications?


Hi @Manunited and thanks to @Snowbird for sending the link, you can find answers to most member questions on the website Help Page.

Open the link and it will explain however to help here is a screenshot from your dashboard, open inbox and on the left hand side you’ll see this box, the drop down will give you the date selection to pause.

Thank you

Screenshot 2022-03-01 at 12.43.36

Thank you both!