How late can I list a 3 week sit?

We are tentatively scheduled for a 3 week Antartica, South Georgia, Falkland Island trip 11/17 -12/10 that requires us to embark in Argentina. Argentina is currently closed to foreigners due to Covid. The company (National Geographic) is cautiously optimistic that the trip will happen as they have been working with the Argentina authorities. We thought we’d list about 2 months in advance which is now but don’t want to waste any sitters time since we don’t know for sure if it will happen. But we also don’t want to wait too long to find sitters either. The company said we should know definitely by mid October. Should we list now with all the caveats mentioned or just wait until we know for sure? This will be our first listing. Any advice is most appreciated.


I think you can go ahead and list it but be as clear as you are here that it is tentative. Most likely, you’ll get interest from people who are more local and don’t have to fly to your area, e.g., someone with roommates who just wants more space for a bit but still has a home to go to.

Trip sounds fantastic.


What a wonderful adventure - I’d post it now, with the understanding that you might have to cancel. At least here in the US, the airlines are making many fares cancellable. Depending on where you are, I might have been interested but I’m already sitting.

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I suggest you post now as the others suggested. We have had two sits cancelled because of Covid, and we knew that could happen so we planned for it. When it happened, we understood and no harm done.

We were driving to the sits, so airfare wasn’t an issue for us. You could look for someone local as well.

Good luck! We have a similar trip planned next year. It should be amazing!

Thanks. I just posted.